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  1. I can confirm that this bug is fixed in EN 6.23, although it is not mentioned in the release notes.
  2. Switching to Card View is working fine for me also, since I don't care about the view of the notes below while working with the reminder list above. And you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch the views, so I don't think reverting to an earlier version because of this is really necessary. Regardless, I'm glad to hear that EN is aware that this is a bug, and they plan to fix it.
  3. I also ran into this today - New Year note cleaning up. It absolutely is disruptive and annoying as hell.
  4. Yes but with this we both are rather old school. I have my notes structured in a lot of thematically ordered notebook stacks / notebooks, so I do find my notes if I remember in which notebook they should be. And I have a tight tag structure, so I do find them through this also. But it is a nuisance. The kids from today, they just throw everything on a big heap and let Google Evernote do the search for them. Since computers have become quite good at searching this is a rather efficient method. Until somebody decides to break the search feature for good of course.
  5. Yes of course, this is the solution. You just have to allow to install apks from third party sites, where at this point Google urges you very strongly to reconsider, cause this is very often a very bad idea. And after this your have to switch off auto-updates for every app on your phone, which will also include not installing security relevant fixes, cause EN is not able to get its act together. Yes, that sounds about the right thing to do. For me the most incomprehensible thing with this bug BTW is for me not the bug itself - bugs can happen. It is not even that they did not revert to an earlier version, cause I really don't know about the intricacies of the Google App Store (if you look at the troubles with the actual Windows Beta of EN then sometimes there is more in the background going on then we know). No, if you look at the first post in this thread, then you will realize that EN knew about this bug through its voluntary beta-testers all along, and they released it anyway. This reminds me of MS, who were told bei their beta-testers that this Window release sometimes deletes all your data (which an OS really shouldn't do), and they too released it anyway. Somewhere in the management of EN somebody said "what the heck, we'll just release it, hardly nobody will notice". That our note-keeping app is unable to search for notes anymore.
  6. I have to agree too. They broke the search in a note keeping app and just don't seem to care that one of the most important features of such an app is now unusable.
  7. I think this may be releated to the "search not working anymore" since the last update, which is also not working for me anymore. I can select every other option for the list view of the widget (last shown, recently, notebook, reminder... sorry if not all options are correct, I use the german version of Evernote), and they all show a list of notes in the widget as they should. But if I select the "saved search" option, then none of my saved searches show up, I only get the very unhelpful message "list can not be shown, maybe there is a problem with your WLAN". Yes, surely. I didn't now that EN on Android is only to be used with WiFi... Yes, EN on Android does not get much love. But releasing an update ("dark mode is better", and I even like and use dark mode) which breaks search, which frankly is one of the most import features of a note keeping app, and (a) not repairing it or (b) rolling back the changes as quickly as possible baffles me.
  8. I think a LTS version would be a major pro-argument for using EN in the business market, not the other way round...
  9. I don't think that it is that easy: I believe minor releases are really only for fixing of severe bugs. For instance, the "special characters do not display correctly in the title" bug is still in all subsequent releases of 6.15 (up to now), but it should be fixed in 6.16. Which makes sense - all code changes, regardless of bug fixing or introducing new features, can also bring new bugs. So a GA will only get a new (sub-)release if the bug is severe, everything else is fixed in the next release. So the next major release really is more bug-free. But of cause the next major release is not only for bug-fixing but also implements new features, which will certainly bring innovative new bugs , so it is less bug-free... What EN lacks is an LTS (long time support) version, which would implement also minor bug fixes, but no new features...
  10. Just tested it with 6.15.4 - still broken. At least with my example (Capital Sharp ß: ẞ)
  11. Small bug in the new templates feature (and of course I've stumbled over it with the first note ) Notes can only be saved as template, when the note is already synced, or else this menu item is greyed out. But if you have the auto-populate note with active tags option turned on AND you select a different notebook with this new note, then the "is it synced already" check does not work, you can click on "save as template" which leads to this rather strange very empty "save template" window: Frankly I think it would be a better solution, if there is no sync check, cause it leads to confusion, why sometimes "save as template" is greyed out and sometimes not. I think it would be better if EN would handle this the same way as the note link feature - force syncing, then open the "save as template" window, and the menu item is never greyed out.
  12. Templates seem to be turned on again this morning (local time: UTC +2). At least when I start a new note, there is a new "templates" button on top of the note.
  13. German Umlauts like Ä, Ö, Ü and lowercase ß are working fine, but the special new Capital sharp s: ẞ which (from Wikipedia) "was introduced as part of the Latin Extended Additional block in Unicode version 5.1 in 2008 (U+1E9E ẞ Latin capital letter sharp s)" does not render correctly in the title. In the snippet view on the left side it displays as it should - titel and text:
  14. No, this was the first version I did try after remaining at 6.7 for ages. This was the version after the bad sync bug, and the one that you brave beta testers told me was the first relative stable since 6.7. I am now at 6.14, and since the "cursor is anywhere" bug is resolved with this version, I will stay with it (which really drove me crazy in 6.13).
  15. I have crossed my fingers, installed the new EN version on my new notebook and upgraded the desktop vom 6.7. So far it seems most of the things are working. Yes, the PDF viewer ist ... a very limited piece of software, seems more like a design study. What also is lost is my user dictionary, so i have to redo all the spell checking. This seems to have occured in an update somewhere around february. A shame that this hasn't been fixed since. I also noticed that notes in English are heavily underlined - my default language is German, so practically all my notes are in German except some web clippings. But obviously there never was a language detection in EN, so it does not seem as a regression.
  16. The Wikipedia entry to CEF1 vs CEF3 shows that CEF1 is no longer supported - so EN had to upgrade sometime. CEF3 is multithreaded, while CEF1 is singlethreaded, so EN should be much faster ?. But I do understand that rewriting the code base to a multithreading model is heavy work, is likely to break a lot of things, and is a massive challenge to programmers used to singlethreading. It would have been better to be open about this change, tell people why this is necessary, and stop regular updates for half a year until a decent version is ready for GA. I do not think that anyone at EN wanted to break PDF workflows or thinks even remotely, that the feature-less version is better then the old one. But it seems they seriously underestemated the work needed for switching frameworks, so I guess it will be another few versions until all the functionality is back. I am far from an EN guru, and I do understand that you are angry. But I don't see how your rambling is improving anything, and I really don't like being told to not be allowed to say what I have to say.
  17. Before I install a new Version of EN I check this forum. For the last months I have read the postings with growing bewilderment, and decided to stay at 6.7 (I think this is the last version before the ugly New Note button). Now I have a new notebook – and since the feedback to 6.13 for the first time in months doesn’t seem horrible, I think I will give it a try. Thanks to all here who are more brave then me.
  18. I have followed the discussion a bit - this feature still has not reverted back to the old behaviour, regardless of what ist posted here by us users. It's funny with these things - somebody in the Evernote management must have decided to shredder a perfectly functioning feature that nobody has complained about + invested money and manpower in it to make it unusable for nearly everyone. And EN still does not revert it just back to what it once was and what everybody (except the said management) expects: insert as plain text. And instead of giving us back the old functionality you insist on "making this feature better" which was one of the things that already just did what it was expected to do. My complain: links are still pasted as links. I know that for some people that is what they want. It is not what I want in my use cases, and I REALLY want the old functionality "paste as plain text" back. EDIT: Okay I have decided to stop complaining and hoping that EN will hear me. For everybody who uses AutoHotKey: here is the script to get the "paste as plain text" for every application: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/10412-paste-plain-text-and-copycut/ I have placed it on Strg-Shift-V (^+v) instead of Strg-Win-V (^#v), so I will never have to see the "special paste without style except those we think you really want to keep" on EN again, but to each its own.
  19. There still seems to be a misconception what EN can and cannot do with encryption. Data being encrypted on the Google cloud means that every hacker breaking into the cloud infrastructure only sees encrypted data. This is also true for breaking into the cloud infastructure of Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Amazon cloud, etc. This in no way means that your data is encrypted by the service provider (EN in our case): user (me) <-> Evernote <-> cloud infrastructure (Google cloud) The only way to be sure that nobody CAN look at your data, is when it is encrypted before it leaves your home (or your phone). This also means that your private key for decrypting your notes NEVER leaves your home/phone, which would also make a Web-GUI nearly impossible. Also server-based OCR and indexing is out of the question with encrypted data. Some have mentioned new technologies that can handle this, but EN is not designed to work this way (because it exists longer then this new approaches), and a complete redesign of EN is nothing I exepect anytime soon or at all.
  20. I think we are past the point in the technology "note-keeping" at which a new startup can succeed, at least after Google and MS started their applications. There are interesting alternatives out there - but the main obstacle for every (new) cloud based service are the high costs of maintaining the hardware infrastructure. So a free open-source solution like Firefox does not seem possible (THAT would be nice - a basic note editor and extensions for every functionality anyone could dream of). And new contenders must fight an uphill battle against years of experience. So I think EN is the best alternative which at least has a chance of a future, that we will get. Is it ideal? Not really, but what is. I miss features like encryption, and I would like the editor to stop being like something left over from the last millenium, but it still works for me. If I'm wrong, and a good alternative emerges, I will consider switching - but I already have enough experience in programming to know that the future market speech "easy importing of your EN notes!" will in no way be an easy process, but a main PITA.
  21. Your rant would be absolutely right, I don't think that anybody (except maybe very rich businesses) should pay that much for this functionality in 2016/2017. Luckily nobody has to, at least not with EN, since the US/EU-prices are 30 $/€ resp. 60 $/€ per YEAR. For me the free account has always been the one to get the feeling of EN. After a few weeks trying it out I paid up, since I know how much money it costs to run a service like this. And EN going broke forcing me to import ALL of my notes (several 1000) and restructuring them in a new program is nothing I look forward to, so if I use a service I like I don't expect it to be free (but yes, certainly not 400$ a year). Is it an ideal program? No - but what is?
  22. That EN planned to let their employees read my notes (good luck with that, they are in German) has left me shocked, as most other commenters here. But to be fair, I never thought my notes were really secure - cause I know that only client side encryption makes sure of THAT, regardless if the note-reading was legal or illegal. The ideas about indexing and encryption mentioned here are interesting, but they would require a complete rewrite of a lot of the codebase, so I don't hold my breath that this will ever happen. Encryption without server-side indexing may come, and I sincerely hope it does. But since this notes won't be regularly searchable (again, without rewriting the codebase), I don't hold my breath for this either. The consequence of all of this has always been: I do not have sensitive information in EN or unencrypted elsewhere in the cloud. This is a PITA, but good privacy is hard. My clients (I am a therapist) need their protection, so nothing below Truecrypt et al will do for their information stored with me. No, it is not searchable, but that's life. For all, who will leave to Google or Microsoft because of the privacy problems in EN, I do not know from which parallel universe they came in, certainly not this one. I do not see a good alternative, which provides the complex functionality of EN which I need and has better privacy. If it emerges I might contemplate to leave (which is painful and tiresome in itself), for now I'll stick with it. EN ist just not a "remember everything" for me - I don't trust them to do this.
  23. I tried the following suggestion from the InformAction forum (Firefox, didn't try other browsers): about:config Parameter noscript.clearClick.subexceptions add a blank at the end of the value string, followed by moz-extension://* I will have to test it more, but at least for one site this worked.
  24. I posted the problem on the InformAction (NoScript) Forum https://forums.informaction.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=22278&p=84921#p84921 I tried the suggested solution (adding moz-extension to about:config > noscript.clearClick.exceptions), but didn't find a working exception string. Lets look what they suggest.
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