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  1. yes, I agree. This is probably Evernote's one big weakness as a company - they seem to live in another dimension - one divorced from its user-base. Ultimately it opens the door to more competition. No company will endure unless it engages with its customers and sets expectations properly
  2. yes, I agree it is hard for a corporate culture to change
  3. To be fair, it was a good letter. The problem is - it was way overdue. But as he admits, their biggest error was in not alerting users to what was coming in the new release. This was just bad bad bad.......but at least they admit it and I doubt they will ever repeat that mistake. it was like waking up one morning and finding ourselves on the moon - not a nice feeling
  4. It is horrific what Evernote have done. The new version is a chomped down version (all sorts of core functionality removed) and is also very buggy. Yet not one update since it was released. Goodness knows what they were thinking
  5. My apologies - it is in fact restoring the file from Note History. Which is a blessed relief - thank you! Now all I have to do is work out WHY Evernote keeps discarding the file
  6. Thanks for your comment CalS - Yes I did - however restoring old note versions is not restoring the Excel file that used to be contained in the note.
  7. This is an outrage. A few days after Evernote upgraded itself to the dumbed-down new version, I noted that a critical Exc el Spreadsheet that I have had completely vanished. I have spent half a day starting to reconstruct this and I have just noticed that this has now disappeared as well!!!! This is totally unacceptable. How on earth will I and other users know what OTHER information is vanishing as well?????!!!!! And of course in the new dumbed-down version you cannot even do local backups - so I have lost my data - gone, finish Just brilliant Evernote - thanks - NOT!!!!!!
  8. Wow, what a product brutalisation with the new Evernote!!!! Whoever is in charge of product/business development..........🤥
  9. Starting several days ago Web Clipper is returning a maximum of only 5 tag options. If this is intentional it is very much a dumbing down of clipper. Has anyone else noticed this? Actually you might have just thought "that's odd, am sure there more more tag options than that" !!
  10. As of this morning it is FINALLY working for me again n BRAVE (I haven't checked the other browsers). This is within 5 minutes of turning on my computer. I have tested three Youtube videos and it worked each time. It may stop working during the day again but at least this is the first day this has happened :) :) Happy Days again possibly
  11. It is now no longer working for me again on ANY browser. It is all too weird as earlier this afternoon it WAS working again (except on Edge)
  12. My Chrome is now ALSO suddenly working!! It must have updated itself in the last couple of hours although not sure how as I have not restarted my system). The interesting thing that has come out of this though is that I now agree with CalS in that the new Edge seems to use a lot less resources than Chrome or Brave. So I think I may continue to use Edge until Brave becomes less resource-hungry
  13. Actually, after installing the updated Edge, Evernote Web Clipper is also no longer working in that either!!!! So I guess the problem must lie with the Clipper itself. I am of course just referring to trying to clip Youtube videos.
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