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  1. I'm still baffled about what has happened with Evernote this past year... Workflow is EVERYTHING for a heavy user. I really think the better solution would have been to keep the old product as it was and then to offer a new product that works in some different fashion. Keep both products going for at least 3 years. Provide a very well thought out "transition engine" product that helps old power users move their data AND workflows to something new. You need to help them envision how their work will actually work on a new platform. Again, THOUGHT OUT. Is it too late to fix this? I'm not sure. For me it's probably too late. Perhaps Evernote didn't have a choice? But I have a feeling that simply raising prices without fundamentally changing the product would have been the better way for Evernote to move forward.
  2. Aha! I need an iPad! Here's a screen shot of Safari on a mac. Also tried with Chrome AND with the Android app. Can't click on the dates and change them. I CAN add a URL or an author.
  3. Can you elaborate on how/where? The only place I'm seeing the create date is the "view note info" window accessed from the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner and the fields are not editable. Is there perhaps another place where I should be looking?
  4. I'm in Evernote "free" mode now after several years of paid service. I can't figure out how to change the created date in the Android app or in the web interface. It appears that Evernote no longer wants me to work the way that I have for many years. (Are they giving me the middle finger for cancelling my subscription??) Starting every note with MY created date certainly is a solution but for me is highly, highly unlikely to be implemented as I have no plans to go back and update thousands of notes to conform to a new (imposed) restriction to the work flow. I'm still baffled about what has happened with Evernote this past year... Workflow is EVERYTHING for a heavy user. Where the heck are they going??
  5. It's really weird that Evernote decided to drop this "feature". It's the biggest (well, the most frequently visited one) issue for me on Joplin but there is hope that it will eventually be implemented. And of course, now that I know that Evernote doesn't even care about it, I have even fewer reasons to go back to Evernote;). [I think this will probably stay implemented in the desktop clients. The mobile clients are pretty limited in a number of ways so there might not be much push to add this to them.]
  6. I'm sorry, I'm dense. Can you clarify? Does this mean that if/when I open the app, I will have NO ACCESS to my data on that device without setting that device as the ONE device that is "registered" with my account? In other words, I may as well delete the app (and all of my data) from this one device if I DON'T set this device as the registered one? I suppose I can still "access" my data from the website from any device?
  7. Similar to many of you, I have been a pretty heavy EN user for several years but I have found myself beside myself about the Evernote changes in the past 6 months. While pondering what to do I accidentally let my subscription re-up automatically about 2 weeks ago (they really should send emails warning about that!!). I sent an email a day ago asking for a refund because I wanted to cancel. Today I open the app and it tells me that I have to deactivate devices because of a 2 device limit. I don't care about syncing new content but I somehow expected to be able to open the app and access old content. Is this not the case? Is the desktop app (legacy) rendered useless after downgrading?
  8. I was trying to respond to the statement that this feature is simply not necessary. It seems that not all of the responders are as enlightened as you. I also see that there are other versions of this feature request where others promoters have done an excellent job of presenting the case. But again, some responders just don't seem to understand. Ultimately, this is in Evernote's court. Have they figured out how to make enough money yet to develop useful additions? I think they ran out of venture capital quite awhile ago. As far as I can tell, the only big updates have been to make the mobile apps run more slowly. Oh, and to change the color scheme every year or so.
  9. There are some reasons that this feature needs to exist. One in particular is because some external services use notebooks in different ways. Postach.io for instance links to a notebook. If I want to share a notebook with another person and I want a particular note in the notebook to also be hosted on Postach.io, then, well, it's not possible. I have to keep two separate versions of that note in two different notebooks and synchronize them manually. Even without an external service, I can have the same problem by having two different notebooks shared with different people but wishing to have one note shared with both.
  10. I don't use the business card function in Evernote but I DO use the Android camera scanning widget a lot. I find it frustrating when scanning a business card (or something that kind of looks like it might be a business card) and I am prompted to select what kind of document I want to save it as because the app thinks it's a business card. I don't use the business card function so I'd really like to just bypass this prompt altogether. In my mind, if I have the app set to document then it's a document (automatic mode). If I have it set to "mountain" then it's a plain photo (manual mode). I've already told it what the type is. There are far too many clicks and taps as it is to get a note saved. Did I mention that I don't use the business card function in Evernote? Here's a thought, make business card one of the settings in the upper right corner of the app. Instead of "automatic mode" and "manual mode" there can be 3 and you call them "Doc", "Bus" and "Mountain". Then, if you are scanning a business card you can tell it so even before taking the pic. Then it won't have to prompt us about saving it as a business card.
  11. Oh, forgot to mention that it happened once more after updating the Evernote app on that day. I think it might be a photo number issue and/or total RAM use thing. Keeping the photo count lower for each session seems to avoid the issue. I just wish the app would warn you.
  12. I went back and counted and most of the notes were actually 9-10 pics. I had the same idea and decided to do 4 photos first, create the new note, and then go back and edit that note to add the rest of the photos. I was connected to wifi at the time with a decent connection. Sometimes it drops off for a minute every so often but I've had this issue in other contexts/places as well.
  13. I've had this happen a couple times in the past but it just happened spectacularly. The steps: 1) open widget to take photos. 2) turn on auto rotation (so the pictures arrive the right side up) 3) take about a dozen photos. Each one about 20-30 seconds apart. 4) tap the checkmark at the bottom (after waiting for it to rotate the correct way). 5) try to tap the checkmark at the upper left corner (the note checkmark). It doesn't seem to respond so I let it sit for a minute. 6) the screen times out so I wake it up and enter my code. The widget has now closed. Can't find the note. This is with a Samsung NOTE 3 running the next to latest Evernote app. I just noticed that there was a new update in the past couple weeks so I updated it just now to 7.17. The version that failed was the one right before this update. I also looked for the notes on a computer running the Evernote app. No sign of them. It looks like the widget just gave up and scrapped the whole set of pictures. This failed me 3 or 4 times today. I'm about to try again after the latest update.
  14. I'm baffled that so many issues like this exist in Evernote. But that's probably for another post. I've tried the workaround listed above about saving as html and opening in a browser. I'm finding that the images still show in the "native size" in the html document as opposed to their apparent size (resized in Evernote). So, this isn't a fix. At least for me. I'm struggling to understand why the resize function was added if it doesn't apply to printing or otherwise exporting the note. Evernote could be so great.
  15. Yes, it's strange that something along these lines is not implemented. Even just a password to open the app on a computer would be welcome. I do currently use the pin on the Android app. What is also strange is the responses on these forums suggesting that maybe this isn't the app for me if I'm looking for this kind of thing. The only reason that I am an Evernote user is because of the combination of these 2 features: A_) Automatic searchable "ocr" of images and pdfs. This is huge. Until Onenote I am not aware of any similar software that can do this effectively. I want need this ability to take pictures of documents and other things and find them later without creating tags or notes at the time I took the photo or scanned the document. B_) The cross platform sync that allows me to use a desktop app on OSX and an Android mobile. I've found most of Evernote to be quite pleasant. I don't often have trouble with syncing, the web clipper is indeed pretty nice and the overall flow of it is smooth. I'm just starting to play with Onenote but it doesn't look promising. The Android app is too limited. I'm also concerned about being tied to Microsoft. I spent considerable time searching for an open source option that I could host myself but couldn't find anything suitable. I honestly don't feel that I have other options. It's a shame that Evernote hasn't found it's way yet. And I'm troubled that once they do find their way, they will leave behind many great ideas that someone should be able to continue using.
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