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  1. We are aware that you can edit the creation date. That is not the issue. The issue is the UI change in this new release to how the date is entered. You were able to type it in or select from the calendar prior. Now you are only able to select from the calendar. One update to my original post. I was not aware, or the UI was updated after my post, that you can actually select the year. It is not intuitive to see that this is possible as the year field is not noticeably designated as editable in the UI. It wasn't until I saw a video on this that I learned it is editable. And only if yo
  2. Agree. Date format is only useful if in a chronologically sortable format.
  3. Yes, I thought of this but did not like it as it makes my titles long. Plus I have to go through hundreds of entries and change the titles. It would be nice if there were a few text fields added that are sortable and filterable so a date could be entered there and would preserve the create and update dates.
  4. I may be one of few having this issue. I use Evernote to journal events and reviews. Many times these events are entered post facto. In the previous release I was able to edit easily in the desktop app the creation date. (I understand Evernotes desire not to allow last updated date not to be edited.) Then I could sort or filter by creation date and see the journal entries in chronological order or by specific date (would be nice to have filter by date range). You cannot even edit the creation date in the web based UI. In this new desktop release, Evernotes UI to enter or edit a date
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