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  1. I'm adding my two cents to this one, too. I would LOVE to be able to choose the thumbnail. As it stands, Evernote almost never chooses the thumbnail I would choose. Which means the thumbnails are a DISTRACTION to finding the note I want, not a HELP. If I could choose the thumbnail, when needed, it would be a HUGE HELP. (I'm also a Premium subscriber, if that matters.)
  2. +1 or ditto or "Me, too!" or whatever I need to say... I'd love to be able to choose the thumbnail image for a note. Whether the note has multiple images taken with my phone, or multiple random images because I clipped a whole webpage, the thumbnail chosen is almost never the one I want. Which means the thumbnails are usually a distraction, not a help. If I could choose them, they would be an enormous help. Are any developers still reading this? Or is there another avenue for making feature requests? Google found me this thread.
  3. I would imagine the direct download is the same. Ok. So that's for the current version. Thanks. What about older versions? I know there are versions available that work on OS X 10.5, for example, because when I download it on my older MacBook Pro, that's what the download link gives me. I've seen direct links to older versions on the forums. It'd be helpful to have a list, along with the system requirements. And, of course, it'd be nice to have system requirements actually listed on the Evernote website so users don't have to guess.
  4. I have a bit of a frustration. I can't seem to find system requirements listed anywhere for Evernote. It's nowhere on the main site, that I can see. (Searching the Knowledge Base brings up two old and conflicting articles.) Plus, I know there are old versions available for download for those with older versions of OS X, but they're extremely difficult to find. (The search feature on these forums isn't much help.) Could someone post a list of the various versions available for download, as well as their system requirements? And then, at some point, could someone who works for Evernote make that list available outside these forums?
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