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  1. Since the update to 8.0.2, my notes from 2015-current do not show anymore. I've deleted, restarted the phone, and reinstalled. Same issue. Also, I have tried adding a note on iOS, and it says it sync'd (and after the app delete and reinstall it still shows again) but the note doesn't show up in my online web version of the app. So it's syncing (as evidenced by app delete and reinstall) but it's not appearing on web. Please help, EN just became unusable to me. With no support from the company.
  2. I'm snapping both sides to the business card, and then send it to evernote. it then saves as two separate notes in evernote. What am I not doing correctly?
  3. I know I can click "notes" to be taken back to notes, but that brings me to the top of my notes list. If I view a note, way down my notes list, I want to go back to the notes list at the point I was viewing before. Way to do that?
  4. yes, a simple clipping of google searches. Using the evernote web-clipper on chrome, or safari. recently installed (in last month) on a fresh installed op system as well. (OS X 10.9.1)
  5. Really Strange - I have been able to snapshot google searches before, but now.... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s28/sh/8703dab4-6707-4d01-81a0-3d3a097f5d72/7b4b9ed4c9e0dbdfec903a63f84887b6 You get a single letter per line... so the document is miles long. This was snapped with Chrome on Mac. But same happens with Safari for mac as well.
  6. I'm on 5.4.4, and when I type in a searchterm, ie, "tag:recipe", I get my notes tagged with recipe properly, but I want to add the search to the black "Shortcuts" bar on the left side. How do I do this?
  7. on iOS7, iPhone 5, when I hit "type a quick note" - it enters some weird text for the note title. it seems to be using events from my ios7 calendar. So far, it has used two different events showing in my cal - one was an "all-day" event, and another was a facebook event showing on my cal as well. is this normal behaviour?
  8. Hi, the web clipper in Safari is still the older one - the clipper is not the newer one. How do I get the newer clipper for safari?
  9. Which version do I use? I'm on 10.8.4, and when I go to Software Update, I see Evernote for Mac 5.3.0. But when I look at the download page for Evernote.com, it downloads "Evernote_401989". I thought if I installed originally from the App Store, I still had to stick with this method... but then I would only have 5.3... Also, my Safari evernote clipper is not doing the things the newer clipper in Chrome is doing - there is no 'screenshot' or other new options. How do I get the new clipper features on Safari? Thanks
  10. I have several computers with my evernote account logged in. I have "sync shortcuts" set in prefs. My shortcuts from one of my computers is not being synced with my other computers.
  11. Is there a way to prevent skitch working with evernote? If I use it to work with lots of images, it starts eating my free monthly allotment. Way around this? or just open a second evernote account just for skitch?
  12. Ok, got a response back from a tech support guy... first response is that it tries to print at the resolution of the image. That confused me, because I was assuming dpi=resolution, but it's not. I found this doc to help: http://www.pptxtreme.com/help/import_export/ResolutionExplainedPixelsDPIInches.html and it means the size and dpi = resolution. The resolution for a pic can be bigger than the resolution for a standard *printed* page. That is my understanding at the moment... so in short, the doc can't be printed from evernote. You must export it and print it (to reduce it) in another app that provides a "% reducer" print option. Evernote obviously doesn't provide this in their driver.... yet. So basically, printing from evernote mac sucks for oddly scanned sizes. Try printing from PC versions. Or fix your scans. I use my iphone to snap pics of docs, and those are HUGE resolution - so those scanned pages are now useless to me on my mac. So, If you scan docs, it's better to keep the white space around them to be a letter/legal/a4 scanned page, when printing, they will print at that same size. Again, I'll clarify if I get different info from evernote support directly - or if someone else wants to chime in.
  13. Is there any solution to printing images so they don't fill a letter-sized page?
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