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  1. I used to work in the financial services industry and I will tell you that no reputable finance company would put their customer financial information on a third party cloud system. Evernote isn't planning on selling to financial companies, so the whole issue is a red herring.
  2. Yes a password is a possibility. But the password may get passed on to others as well. It might work. I just love how the notebooks look when shared so it would be a great way to share the notes.
  3. Very well put, Browncoat. I use Evernote everyday and wouldn't be without it. But I still use an outside task management system, online calendar, CRM and other programs for specific tasks. And love Mind Mapping for straight brainstorming but then switch to Evernote to flesh out the details of the plan. Evernote is used for research, organizing, templating, and publishing.
  4. I downloaded it and found there were many good ideas. But I am fairly new to Evernote.
  5. Thanks Mike, Not all the users would have EN accounts. I thought I was right that the note would be public if shared via email. I guess that others won't be able to find the note anyway on the Internet unless one of my students shares it with them or embeds a link to it.
  6. Hi Browncoat, I might be able to use that in come cases, but less useful in an ebook or article style format I am writing.
  7. I love the sharing feature of Evernote. I was thinking of doing an ebook for my next seminar entirely in Evernote and sharing the notebook with my participants. But I want to restrict the notebook only to the participants as they have paid to be there. I looked at the sharing options and it offers a public link option or an email invite. If I invite someone by email, can they then share the link with others? It looks like it is just the same as a public link? Any thoughts on sharing notebooks within a group that can't be publicly accessed?
  8. If you have a smartphone, I would download Skitch and take the pictures that way. Skitch has a "save to Evernote" function that will make it really easy. Otherwise, just open the picture in your picture viewing program and then copy and paste the picture into the Evernote note you've created.
  9. Darn. It this something that will be corrected in a future release? Is it on the development list.
  10. I have always known the importance of backups, and have twice lost data because I wasn't backing up regularly enough. So eventually I just set up CrashPlan on all the computers and the house. A nice "set and forget" tool so I don't have to worry any longer. I went online to browse my backups to make sure they were getting my Evernote files as my entire life seems to be going into Evernote.
  11. Thanks Abdulaziz, I appreciate the tips. I have been struggling with what setup to use for my tags and this looks like it fits my style.
  12. Great Chris, It would be interesting to hear their response on whether you can get your history into Nimble.
  13. I am using Evernote on Windows 7. Just tried to insert a picture into a note and I found that the words won't wrap around it. Does Evernote support word wrapping? Thanks,
  14. You're welcome Chris. I used to use ACT! some years ago and did help some of my clients with Maximizer so I know how heart wrenching it can be to switch systems. They do allow import from .csv files so you should be able to pull your Maximizer data into it. I haven't tried this, but it does pull my LinkedIn contacts in wonderfully - something that is critical for me. I love whenever I look at a contact that I can also see their LinkedIn profile and their social media feeds. Go through the video tutorials to see if it would fit your needs. I like that I can add a second user to it so and we can assign the prospects to different people to follow up with.
  15. Hi Chris, While I love Evernote, I don't see it replacing a CRM. A CRM has scheduling, email an sales funnel capabilities that can only be done in Evernote with work-a-arounds. Have a look at Nimble CRM. I have been using it for the last week and am very pleased with it. What I like is that it was able to import all my LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter and Facebook contacts into a system where I can move them into my ales funnel. They have a free version, but the paid version is only $15 per user per month. The interface is very open and uncluttered.
  16. Hi Chris, I am a fairly new user of Evernote and am just starting to unlock its power. As a time management trainer, I can see many great ways I can use it. But I looked briefly at Evernote Business yesterday and, like you, I didn't see any compelling reasons to upgrade. The intro video doesn't even show any features. It looks on the feature page that the key benefits are more user management and a higher level of support. Since I don't need those it really isn't a significant benefit for me. However, I am a one person home office so I may not be the target audience. These things may be of more interest to larger organizations. I do, however have up to 5-6 freelancers who work on projects with me and I have plans to share documentation on how to do tasks with them. I can think of many additional features I would gladly pay more for, but the business package doesn't have any of those.
  17. Thanks for your welcome and the post link, GrumpyMonkey. I had a look through it and it was very useful. Some people do report a slowdown with very large amounts. It would take me a while to get there though. It would be nice as a premium feature if we could create additional Evernote files.
  18. I have been working with Evernote intensely for about 4-5 days and am really impressed. One thing. It seems Evernote is all within one file and you can't create additional files? I was wondering if it might get too big and unwieldy at some point. I know with large Word documents that I have been careful to add the photos last as they really bog down the system. If I put my entire life into Evernote, will it eventually run slower? Thanks,
  19. Hey garychenc001, where do you find these settings in Android, I can't seem to find any sync settings within the Android app, only on the desktop version. Thanks,
  20. I just switched to Evernote and am very pleased with it. Met one of my clients today who uses a Mac and I notice his snippets had a nice A,B,C at the top of his row and didn't seem to have the dates of each snippets. Is this something I can set in my Evernote preferences in Windows 7 or is that a difference in the Mac version? Thanks,
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