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  1. Exactly right. This is one of the strengths of the business version. If the original person who set everything up leaves, the company still has all the data. In my case, this is not an issue as I am the owner of my own business, but for bigger companies, this is the best way to go.
  2. I don't bother adding or scanning things I won't need later. I do keep all my research online as that is where I am most likely to find useful notes I have forgotten about when I search.
  3. I can certainly see the benefit of a fast way to create an Evernote from any application on my Android phone. There are times you just want to capture something quickly.
  4. Yes, I just stumbled across this and there is no way to get the view without the keyboard shortcut. It should definitely be added to the documentation and to the menu on the next update.
  5. Thanks for suggesting this GrumpyMonkey. I had put together a notebook for an upcoming workshop I was teaching. I had careful to name each note Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. It looked great in Evernote, but I was appalled when I shared it and the chapters were all mixed up. I even paid for premium on Evernote to get support for this, but to no avail so I did the notes in Microsoft Word instead and exported to .pdf to share. Not sure if I will do my notes in Evernote sharing as I may just want to send them to my workshop registrants. But for free sessions I do, Evernote may be back in the running for this kind of sharing.
  6. I am able to take handwritten notes into Evernote using my Galaxy Note. Not iOS though, sorry.
  7. With a shared notebook like your save the Evernote Ads one, your welcome message is actually at the bottom - the last note a person would see. So until Evernote fixes it so that the shared notebooks show notes in the order that we have created, it makes navigating shared notebooks very difficult.
  8. I think some people assume that the Evernote Business forum is only for users at the Evernote Business package level. Could be confusion if it is all mixed together.
  9. Looks more like a classic outlining program. Perhaps an outliner app would help and you could later import it to Evernote?
  10. I am an Xmind user (Windows) but haven't tried any integration with Evernote. Like you , I use mind maps for brainstorming new project ideas. I also use it to take notes when coaching clients. I use Evernote for general filing, resource library and research.
  11. Personally, I would like to see multilevel structuring like folders as well. I think tags are fantastic and have the benefit that a note can belong to multiple notebooks. I do use multiple tags on each note so I can access them via different themes and searches, but I there are times it would be useful for me to have subnotebooks. Not a deal breaker for me as I love Evernote, but a LOT of people do ask for the feature so it would be worth taking these voices into consideration rather than treating people who like a multilevel structure as people who need to "get over it." It is a valid user experience feedback.
  12. Remember that you can also take pictures of whiteboards if they are used and save them to Evernote to refer to later.
  13. I use Skitch on my smart phone when I am out. I take pictures of posters on community bulletin boards for events I want to go to, or to take pictures of products I might want later. All saved to Evernote. I also use Skitch stand-alone on my computer to grab screen shots for Power Point presentations when I speak or for ebooks I am writing.
  14. I'm just learning to tag as I am slowly moving from my old hierarchall way of thinking. There were two things that made my realize I had to embrace tagging. 1. Tags allow you to find a note or picture in more than one way. 2. Tags can give you a narrower focus on a search than a straight text search. For #1, let's say I find a cool new freeware outlining tool (something I looked for recently). When I clip it to Evernote in Web Clipper, I might use tags like "outlining," "software," "freeware," "writing," and "organizing" Later on, if I am going to write an article about freeware tools or writing tools, the outlining software web site would show up in either search. For #2, lets say I am looking for a speaker to come and speak at a conference I am organizing. My text search for "speakers" would also include the research on computer speakers I did. But if I had a tag specifically for "speakers-trainers" then only the right type would show up.
  15. Personally, I don't have a problem paying for a tool I use. Don't get me wrong, if I found a product better or equal to Evernote for free, I would consider using it. But $45 per year is quite affordable for something that does all the things that Evernote does. And, in my experience, when you rely too much on free software at some point it shuts down or gets bought out and then you lose all your time you invested in learning the systems and setting up your data. Better to pay something and improve the chances of the company/software being around 3-5 years from now.
  16. Nice to see you are working on the Android version as well. Is there also a web-based version so that I can see my tasks when working at my desktop/laptop? Is the Google Calendar integration working yet?
  17. I don't think Evernote can work fully as a CRM yet as it is lacking many of the features of a good CRM like scheduling and a sales funnel. I do use Evernote for in-depth notes on clients and you can add a link to your Evernote note in your CRM.
  18. I use mobile daily for Evernote on my Galaxy Note. Two main uses: 1. "Found" Time: While in waiting rooms or waiting for my wife, I use the mobile app to work on my seminar outlines or to take notes on projects. 2. News: All my news comes from RSS feeds in Pulse.me that I read on the Galaxy Note. If I find and article I want to save, I just click on the save to Evernote link and send it to my Evernote inbox to capture it. Later, I check my inbox, add some tags and drag it to the appropriate notebook.
  19. I had a look at Tasks Free, but it doesn't let me schedule tasks from a note in Evernote. Am I missing something?
  20. I like the idea of an ubuntu phone, but I am not sure how well they can compete with Android, iOS and Windows 8. With a year to go before it is available, they may be 2 years too late to get a foothold. But I hope I am wrong. I doubt that Evernote will do apps to support it until it captures a significant part of the market.
  21. I stopped worrying about handwriting recognition on Android when I realized that I could take notes faster on a Swype keyboard on Android faster than I could hand write notes. And no worry about the poor device trying to read my crappy handwriting.
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