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  1. Wow brother, I am sorry. I'll not ask again then I guess.
  2. Okay, well if that is the overall opinion and attitude of Evernote admins, Evernote will shrink over time and lose market share. I was simply asking a question as have several others.
  3. So it's almost 2019, is this an option now? I am running into the same issue. I reduce the font size to reduce space, and the line spacing remains the same.
  4. Premium member here. This is an unlisted video, accessible by link only. Do not want to publicly cast dirt on my favorite company. https://youtu.be/IuHsohLRpZg Pleaseeeeeee..... Completely stomp out the COPY & PASTE formatting and spacing bugs. These are rreeaaalllll downers and consume so much time. We don't need complex formatting, we'd use Word/OpenOffice/Pages for that, but for general note and record keeping, format copy and pasting bugs HAAVVEE to be dealt with. Our notes can't look like a 90 year old secretary tried to write something up. Thank you so much. Keep on the cutting edge! Make what we pay for worth it! Love the product.
  5. Hey Evernote peeps. I LOOOVVEEE your platform, and love what you guys stand for. Paid business user here. Gonna post bugs I find here. Some of them are pretty frustrating over time, but wanna keep them internal to you Evernote crew and not on a public forum. Keep up with OneNote please! Don't give anyone a reason to switch! Bug is just as listed in the subject line. As I see others have reported the same bug too. Thanks so much! Keep on the cutting edge!
  6. UPDATE! Give this a try: (Sorry, I know AppCleaner was mentioned, but I really try not to download stuff I'm not completely familiar with/trust, especially if the same task can done without additional software). Go to your home folder in Finder, then "Library" (you may need to google to make Library folder visible), then "Application Support", then find the folder "com.evernote.Evernote" and drag that to your desktop or somewhere OUT of the "Application Support" folder (I wouldn't delete it yet, I believe all local notebooks live in there; I don't have any local notebooks, so it's no worry for me). Then reinstall Evernote 7 (yes, the latest one). It seamlessly rebuilds all the synced notebooks and rebuilds that folder. That worked for me. I'll keep the old version of the folder for a few weeks to make sure I'm not missing anything, but it looks like I'm back up and running without downgrading. Just to recap: Evernote 7 crashes in 10.13.3 High Sierra after upgrading. Remove com.evernote.Evernote from Application Support and reinstall Evernote 7, and in my case, it worked magic.
  7. I am experiencing the exact same issue with the exact same OS X version. Really a kick in the pants! I'll try working on the solutions mentioned here... Either that or I'll try downgrading; just having a hard time finding older versions...
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