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  1. *Two 😂 Eaglefiler didn't catch my fancy, but "Keep It" is wow-beautiful. Your description, were you describing "Keep It" or Eaglefiler? Looks like you were describing "Keep It" from what I can tell. Can't tell if they have support for other platforms other than the Mac ecosystem, but will look further. @Feitz
  2. Huge thank you to so many of you in this thread! Huge help. I have alot to play with and think over going forward. Going back to my work, if I see email notifications I may check back in, otherwise work will probably envelop me again ha ha. Alot of good info, and I appreciate the time everyone took to answer my plethora of questions Cheers all!
  3. See ya guys. I'll hang on my other thread maybe, but PE makes this exasperating. No wonder he has 25k posts. Flaming other frustrated members perpetually. Mods, my previous comment still gently but firmly stands. Count me as another out on account of him.
  4. Have some empathy brother. You should go help some other threads and let this one lie. There are longtime users in here who are just disappointed. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Strange how they grew so rapidly, then lost their market share over time. Proof is in the pudding for sure. Truth right lol? Well nothing is "gone", just in a different display format with added bugs. We have the luxury of "doing nothing" with past notes as they won't go anywhere. I'm currently playing with Joplin, and will explore Obsidian too. Obsidian's pricing structure scares me a little bit. I would not be surprised if improvements in buggyness and display options come over time with new ownership. But time will tell. In the meantime, we can explore options and see if any others stand out.
  6. Do you use Markdown or Rich Text yourself usually? I'm now synced through Dropbox so work done on the laptop now syncs to the tablet. Working so far.
  7. Nice. But the two or three panels side by side are different notes correct? Not the same one in two different views?
  8. @johnm243 or @KGT @ferol (I know you're on the Obsidian app) others who have been playing with Joplin/other apps. Which view do you use? I've never seen a "double pane view" that it offers as default before. That seems like a clunky way to type no? Is that normal?
  9. I did notice those Bible plugins! I took a big deep "sigh", yesterday and told myself "Thomas, this isn't a big deal. Joplin will import EN notes well, just switch. It's not a big deal." (I spent way too many work hours on this yesterday). So I opened Joplin, created a new notebook, created the new note, double clicked on it to pop the note out.... And nothing ha ha ha!! Doesn't support notes in their own windows! Derailed again lol! It's all right. Nothing will be perfect. One thing consistent about life is change right? Or at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself lol.
  10. Okay thanks. That's kinda what I noticed, some, but not all (but it wasn't an issue, I'm not an avid Markdown user or anything).
  11. In all fairness, I doubt anything will be able to be done for awhile. Assuming they use the Agile / Scrum type systems, it'll take awhile for those lists to be sorted into priorities at the top, and trickle down to the various teams down below. Now 6 months from now it would be nice to see a few of the requests tackled. It will be interesting if they give any more weight to your compiled list, compared to the barrage of email they must receive on a daily basis from individual users. With what... 200,000 users? That email (not to mention spam) has got to be bewilderingly overwhelming. They probably dodged alot of this fuss the past 3 years because the Legacy people were happy where they were, and the V.10 users were happy where they were, and few people gave it any further thought.
  12. Interesting, I installed that plugin, but it still doesn't allow me to pop out a note into it's own window. I have to be dumb and just missing this right? This is my usual "church window setup" lol! Simple Bible app on the left, and the note I'm working with on the right (EN 7.14 in this case). "Note tabs" plugin does indeed make the tabs on the right hand of the Joplin screen, but can you actually pop the note out?? I must be just missing it right??? Searching yet again! Nice looking into that. Did Evernote support Markdown? Seems some commands would act like Markdown. 1. and pressing enter would create a numbered list, * enter would create bullets, I sort of didn't realize the name Markdown was the technical name for the way text operated like that. Interesting.
  13. Might check Joplin too. I've been playing with that a little as well. Creating new content in there. I'm sorry @Tan55446, I'm afraid there are not any actual Evernote staff in here but I feel your frustration. @ferol is compiling feature requests into a document and will send to Evernote. I'm not holding my breath though. But maybe down the road. But probably nothing for the meantime.
  14. 1,000% @justacat. Okay yeah, we both were in the exact same boat then. So much wasted space. Strange strange. Will see if the new company sees it the same way or not. Maintaining two database structures would indeed be a pain. But adding "view options" in Settings would solve "most" of the issues (still not a fan of Electron based apps, but that's the norm now so I probably just gotta swallow that one). Yep @FredJ 1,000%.
  15. Thank you for the reply. Okay, well at least I'm not "missing something" or some setting somewhere. I suppose I am the odd-ball on this? I'm totally willing to concede that maybe that's the preferred look now, and my preferences are not the norm anymore. Okay I'll check Bending Spoon's @𝕏 and see if any input can be had there. I'm one of those quiet EN users; I don't venture on here unless I need to ask a question. Evernote being bought by Bending Spoons was news to me. I hope they do well with the software.
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