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  1. Thank you @Sebastian_Stuertz And thank you evernote. Excellent.
  2. Among general notes I will write in Evernote what may become an article. It’s useful to know the word count. I can play with a theme of a piece, edit text, move text around, reorder words and paragraphs. All in Evernote. If I had a word count that would be enormously helpful to this task. A 200 or 1500 word limit changes the way I’ll approach the text. Especially on the iPad. Is it a difficult code to write to create a word count?
  3. Thanks for your comment. Reason for wanting to know word count? Because I write for publication and must stick to a specified word count. I'm curious that you feel this is niche, seems quite normal to me. Anyway, maybe other apps do this, just a matter of convenience as I like to use Evernote.
  4. I would very much appreciate a word count when using Evernote on my iOS devices, please. Really, I would like that. Makes it quite difficult if you're writing for a purpose to not have a word count on the iOS versions. Is this being considered? If not why not?
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