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  1. I think this completely misses the point. The problem is that Evernote Mac's UX is terribly designed. You can't drag and drop notebooks/tags without diving into another screen. You can't click on a tag and simply search within it. You can delete a notebook (rarely performed action) from the context menu, yet you can't rename it or move it (common actions). And the list goes on... For comparison, try Notion.so and you will see how well designed software functions. If Evernote doesn't start improving the user experience, they are going to lose out long term. Edit: certain things are very well implemented in Evernote Mac (annotation, searching within notebooks, the new tables, etc.). My problem is that they don't seem to be putting in any effort to bring improvements from Evernote Windows into the Mac version. It's as if the teams are working in complete isolation.
  2. Wow, I'm surprised that people here find having another screen to click into for viewing notebooks useful whatsoever. Everything is in the left menu already. My complaint is the fact that you can't edit/organize the notebooks in the left menu instead of having to click into a redundant screen.
  3. Agreed, in so much as I cannot readily think of a better system. Just the same as, although Evernote is not a perfect app (and I find myself constantly frustrated by various UX issues), it is still the best overall note taking app.
  4. Yeah, I get that. Donald Trump is proof that voting systems don't always work. From a UX standpoint, this just seems like such a low effort, high impact feature (one that rolled out to Evernote Windows years ago).
  5. Evernote Mac team, WHY has this option not made its way to Mac yet? Let's compare performing a search on a tag in Bear (could just as easily be OneNote) to Evernote: Find something within a tag in Bear: Click tag and realize list is very long. Enter search phrase to filter results. Filtered results within tag are displayed. Find something within a tag in Evernote: Click tag and realize list is very long. Attempt to search within the tag (fail, there is no immediate option). Manually key tag into search box (slow and redundant). Select tag from search results. Enter search phrase to filter results. Filtered results within tag are displayed.
  6. Yes please provide a separate setting to disable recent notes! I'm sure there are people that love it, but for many people it's just taking up space, creating a distraction or compromising their privacy. For me personally, it just drives me nuts. I want to put things in their place, not have things jumping around. It takes more time and mental energy to scan a recent list in hopes of finding the note I was recently viewing then to just go to where I know where to find it.
  7. I still cannot believe there is no quick way to search within the current context, or tag. Notebooks are extremely limited, forcing people to use tags for organization...but Evernote Mac doesn't provide a way to search within tags without extremely tedious extra steps. I've made the switch back to OneNote for the time being and am finding it a huge relief to be able to just click into a section and search within.
  8. Thank you Evernote team for the Google Drive integration! It would be ideal if the view matched the nested folder structure of Google Drive, and if there was a way to enable a preview of docs/sheets when attached to a note, but otherwise it is perfect!
  9. Yes, the system color picker on Mac is a torturous tool to deal with. It would be amazing if we could use a simplified color picker.
  10. I work for a software company. Just because a particular feature is relatively simple to implement doesn't automatically mean it's going to make it into the software immediately. There can be countless other feature requests, enhancements and fixes that are higher priority. That being said, Evernote's Mac interface is so incredibly grey and lifeless that sometimes I wonder if I'm looking at the other side of my Macbook's display. The only clue is that there's no white apple. There is no tool quite like Evernote. I absolutely love it. I do wish it had some basic color-coding options though. (The fact this has been rolled out for Windows has me feeling somewhat optimistic though.)
  11. Any word on whether the color-coding implemented in EN Windows will soon be added to EN Mac? I would so love some color-coding capabilities!
  12. I'm glad you asked this because that's the one thing I've been wondering this whole time I've been commenting on this discussion.
  13. Right now, I use my calendar for all recurring tasks, as well as any tasks that must absolutely happen at specific dates/times. Even when using tools like Asana (which I use at work as part of a team) that handle recurring tasks very well and integrate with my calendar... I still prefer to just put the items directly into my calendar.
  14. Since any actionable item is always set as a reminder (same as your workflow from the sounds of it), I work directly from the reminders list. It is the reminders list that I sort (by disabling the "Sort reminders by date" option at the top of the reminders section). I much prefer to have manual control and the ability to drag things around then to have things sorted based on date or some other metric (although I will switch this setting when I need to see things sorted by date on occasion). I had experimented in the past using much the same approach as you where everything worked off saved searches and date was the method of prioritization. I loved that I could set something to appear on my radar at some specific point in the future. But I soon found myself constantly deferring reminders to another day...and they were building up. My Evernote reminders started feeling like emails appearing in my inbox in the morning -- I didn't feel in control. The other thing I found problematic is that it was hard to identify what was a reminder I had simply deferred to a later date because it was lower priority, and what was something that actually needed to be done on that given day. This is a nice approach. These types of notes are what I put in my Dashboard notebook (as reminders so they appear right at the top of my reminder section under a "DASHBOARD" header). But using a shortcut works just as well.
  15. Forgive me if you are already familiar with Agile Methodology, but splitting work into smaller batches is exactly the goal when dividing things into workflow buckets: Example using Evernote: Let's say I have the following notebooks (and a tags list breaking things down by area/project): .Dashboard <-- This contains goals and other quick reference info Actions .To Do (containing 12 reminders) .Waiting (containing 3 reminders) Backlog (containing about 50+ reminders) Reference <-- All the non-actionable notes go here All of the notes in the 'Actions' stack are reminders and sort by date is disabled so that they can be manually sorted to indicate priority and are grouped by notebook. At a set interval (say once per week), I have a weekly review where the following is performed: I review my list of goals so they are fresh in my mind. I then go into my 'Backlog' notebook and scan through to ensure everything is in priority order (top reminder in the list is the thing that will deliver the highest value). I can also filter my backlog easily by project tag at any time to get a specific view during this process. If I come across something that is no longer relevant, I delete it. I then click a saved search in my shortcuts menu called "Completed" to view all the completed reminders over the last 7 days to assess what I actually got done. I also click a saved search called 'Due This Week' to see the few notes that do have fixed dates coming up this next week. Based on what I got done in the past week, and what's due this week, I put an appropriate amount of items from the top of the 'Backlog' notebook into my 'To Do' notebook. Such a process creates a cycle of Doing > Reviewing > Planning > Doing, etc. where you are able to correct course based on the results of previous action and always focus on the highest priority work that can be done. You never work directly from the backlog of items, only the small batch of highest priority items in the To Do list. Note: the notebooks can be broken down further to include 'In Progress' items, or a notebook for 'Today' etc., as needed. I'm currently using a 'Today' notebook to plan what I intend to do each day in the morning.
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