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Disappearing Italics

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There are many threads on Evernote's struggles with printing italics.

This thread is about Evernote's display of italics inside the Common Editor.

Sometimes parts of italic words just disappear, the same way they disappear when printed.

How much longer until Evernote displays the alphabet properly? Displaying the alphabet seems like a pretty basic feature that ought to be reliable.

Or should I think of this as yet another bug that will live for years (forever?) in Evernote?


disappearing italics.png

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9 hours ago, gazumped said:

I'd suggest anyone who finds this an issue submits a bug report - like the Feedback counters,  it establishes what degree of importance Evernote should place on finding a fix... alongside all the other glitches they're dealing with...

Do you mean submit a support ticket?

Can any Evernote employee confirm that I should do this and that I won't just be told "We're already aware of this... We might fix it at an undetermined time..."?

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On 9/18/2016 at 4:22 PM, gazumped said:

You might very well get that response from Evernote;  when they've sent it out a couple hundred times,  the fix time might get more determined...

Perhaps when submitting support tickets there should be a drop down menu for the bugs that people complain about most. If you pick one of those, then they can just count your request and you can be told that they're already aware of the problem.

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