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Not feeling the love!



Ever since Chris O'Neil took over for Phil I can honestly say that Evernote has lost it's mojo. Pretty boy Chris needs to go on a charm offensive with end users instead of the vacuum in leadership you currently have.

Hacking into the freemium model, announcing Google Drive partnership that is pretty much engineering vaporware screams at the real problem of server storage costs and the need for Evernote to become profitable.

First Step - ADD a feature that users not on a subscription can add for a one time fee. It should be a fun NEW feature that premium users get for free. The goal is to get users to pay SOMETHING, even if it is one time, than nothing.

A feature like a grammar checker, custom in app add on dictionary, thesaurus, LaTex support, the ability to export directly to Medium, etc. would help identify users who are willing to pay something, even if it isn't ongoing. You could version control it so that when newer versions come out they can pay to upgrade or jump at the chance to get it included with the premium subscription.

If evernote doesn't do more to reach out to their loyal user base (a lot of Mac users, a lot of Japanese users, etc) I think you'll see them jump ship. 

If things are that dire at Evernote explore the possibility of being the front end for DropBox or Box, or becoming Google's latest talent acquisition buyout for an improved Google One Note competitor to Microsoft.

I sure hope you get your Mojo back! I'd hate to see the lights go out.

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Chris O'Neill isn't invisible,  but he has got quite a large company to manage through lots of change.  There've been plenty of interviews around like this one

As to "finding a feature that folks will want to pay for" - that's the Holy Grail of every software company.  Unfortunately if you check the forums you'll find that while thousands would pay for Evernote if only they offered one service,  very few of them agree on what that service should be.  Personally your suggestions of -

19 hours ago, Riptide360 said:

a grammar checker, custom in app add on dictionary, thesaurus, LaTex support, the ability to export directly to Medium

- wouldn't make me any happier to pay for Evernote (which I already do).  So.  No interest from me either.  Sorry.

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