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  1. 2017 and I think that this thread still receives comments is pretty telling. Being able to add a custom color to notebooks and notebooks stacks is something that would make the Notebook View less dreary.
  2. You need to make it easier for your Evernote users to lobby app developers to get their apps working with Evernote. Back in the day Evernote really had the app developer's mind share the way that DropBox has it today. Your best users have dozens of apps they use that they would love to see working with Evernote! My list: Wunderlist: Ability to sync lists with a Wunderlist Notebook on Evernote would be powerful. Tweetbot: Ability to archive my Tweets with Evernote for archiving Suru: Beautiful visualizer for Tasks and sub tasks TextTool2 - Full blown iOS TextEditor. Would make a powerful front end for Evernote users needing it. Printer Pro - A great utility for getting things printed. Would be nice to have Evernote in places to print from list. Jot (Just Open & Type) - The concept is good, but this app isn't it. Ideally an encrypted text entry app that synced encrypted secure notes with Evernote would be a really good API to let developers implement in their apps. Soulver - One of the great notepad calculators could bring doing back of the napkin calculations to Evernote. PDF Expert - Seriously the app I use to highlight text in PDFs. Pseudo competes with Premium, but a little friendly competeration would be good. TextDetective - A simple scan to text app that would benefit from being able to share to Evernote (Share not even enabled, but text detection is good) I would put your product manager and evangelist back on the job of getting 3rd party support for Evernote back to legendary status. You gave up ground to Google Docs as the world's online word processor, DropBox for storing ***** on the cloud and OneNote for unlimited data and Note Taking mindshare Come on, they don't even have a platform outside of Windows and there is no reason why Penultimate can't be a Microsoft Surface app and bring the fight to their own platform. The way to win this is by being a super stable API for 3rd party apps that need to edit, share and store notes - Evernote!
  3. Quick mini list of cool features to consider for the I'm not Dead release of Skitch... Photos: The crop tool needs to show more contrast. When cropping a white screenshot you can barely see the crop marks. Photos: Add crop presets. Have a social media icon to crop for that ratio. Have a device icon to crop for that device's full screen ratio (way useful for developers, designers are reviewers). Map: Write on a Map feature. Love this feature, but please add satellite view option since often times I'm trying to tell folks exactly where to enter a building. Web: Markup a Web Page's Learn more doesn't specify who's share button. Got lost in the steps. I'll spend some time researching it, but maybe a link at the bottom of the Learn How dumping you in your forum's topic would help folks like me figure it out. Draw an Idea: Love the concept, but there should be more than a Blank Page as an option. Have some Evernote Fun and add graph paper, napkin, etc. Draw an Idea: Your icon shows a cool squiggle, but the default tool is the arrow pointer which doesn't work well for a blank page. Default to squiggle! Settings: The button options for Resize canvas to SMS all have the on/off states sitting on top of the text (I'm on an iPhone 6S+ with old man larger text enabled). Skitch version 3.41 (4529) BTW - Please give the Dev team for Skitch my gratitude for keeping the love alive!
  4. Well Skitch is still in the App store and working fine on my iPhone, so Kudos to the Evernote folks keeping this app going! Hopefully Evernote will put some resources into keeping the app going since I find it really useful. Other companies like TechSmith which own Camtasia and SnagIt don't have as robust of an iOS app (Fuse really pales in comparison). Long Live Evernote!
  5. Note Link is a powerful feature for referencing one note from within another note. I like the feature and would like to use it more. Any chance you can add a note's link to its note info window? Currently when you open a note and choose Note Info you get the Note's name, a field for a URL but no URL Link to the actual note. You have to go back to the main notes window, select it and right click copy note link to be able to get at this info. thanks, Stephen
  6. Hi Evernote, Can you give any insight on the Evernote text engine? I've heard that it was different on each platform, and not from a unified Latex or other standardized text engine. When I try to add chemical formula names like C3H8O I notice that Mac App Evernote doesn't always handle subscripts all that well. Usually it works, but sometimes I have to fight the app. Even the block of text between these two chemicals is acting weird with their formatting. Copy/paste these these two propanols and try to delete the blank space to see if you have the same issue. C3H8O C3H8O Any insights? Any hope of an easy fix? I use PopClip and TextSoap a lot! thanks, Stephen
  7. Your table idea is good. Thanks. The purpose of photo captions is to keep the text with the photo when you move it around. This is a common grouping feature in desktop layout programs. I like to use Evernote to write research and technical papers where keeping the photo tied to the caption is important for referencing the correct item. I can imaging for folks adding info assigned to a photo (like who is in the photo, or what the photo is showing) would also want the ability to add a photo caption. Most Newspapers use the feature to give the photo journalist credit.
  8. Please consider adding the ability to attach text info to photos and other graphics inserted into an Evernote. In word processing and desktop layout apps you can easily add a photo caption to an image that moves around with the graphic. In Microsoft OneNote you can select an image, right click on it and add a link as well as alt text which lets you give it a name and description. In Evernote you offer the ability to annotate this image, but this is adding the text on top of the image, something that is a cool feature, but not what many folks want to do (think of a newspaper where the photo caption is at the bottom of the image and folks are trained to look for it there). Please consider adding the ability to add a photo caption that is text that shows up centered at the bottom of the image. Please also look at letting folks add text info to the photo that is actually embedded into the photo's EXIF info and can now travel with the image (this is something photographers do to add copyright and photographer notes). thanks, Stephen Inoue
  9. Evernote Premium should include a grown up Word Processor. There is no shortage of good cross platform ones. You need Find & Change +1 Additional functionality: - License Grammarian or another grammar checker - License Text Soap or another tool for stripping text - Hook up an API for letting BBEdit, LaTex, Nisus Writer, Word, Google Docs all be used as the front end text engine - Add more font support
  10. Ever since Chris O'Neil took over for Phil I can honestly say that Evernote has lost it's mojo. Pretty boy Chris needs to go on a charm offensive with end users instead of the vacuum in leadership you currently have. Hacking into the freemium model, announcing Google Drive partnership that is pretty much engineering vaporware screams at the real problem of server storage costs and the need for Evernote to become profitable. First Step - ADD a feature that users not on a subscription can add for a one time fee. It should be a fun NEW feature that premium users get for free. The goal is to get users to pay SOMETHING, even if it is one time, than nothing. A feature like a grammar checker, custom in app add on dictionary, thesaurus, LaTex support, the ability to export directly to Medium, etc. would help identify users who are willing to pay something, even if it isn't ongoing. You could version control it so that when newer versions come out they can pay to upgrade or jump at the chance to get it included with the premium subscription. If evernote doesn't do more to reach out to their loyal user base (a lot of Mac users, a lot of Japanese users, etc) I think you'll see them jump ship. If things are that dire at Evernote explore the possibility of being the front end for DropBox or Box, or becoming Google's latest talent acquisition buyout for an improved Google One Note competitor to Microsoft. I sure hope you get your Mojo back! I'd hate to see the lights go out.
  11. I found the tech note on how to create stacks (ability to nest notebooks) misleading. The part where it says to drag and drop a notebook on top of one another to create a stack DOES NOT WORK IN THE SIDEBAR! It only works in the Notebook main window. PLEASE update the link above to include this info or add a feature request so you can do it from the sidebar.
  12. mac

    Jackolicious - Any update on adding Fullscreen Notes Only view? For us on laptops it would be great to be able to use Evernote as our wordprocessor for creating documentation (beyond just simple notes). While you're at it beefing up the typography tools would be great too! Cross thru text, highlighting, etc. Love the product!
  13. Any thoughts about upgrading Evernote's security and account recovery options? I love using Evernote and as I add more and more into it I am starting to wonder if Evernote has added enough robust security measures. Any thoughts about being able to add more than 1 email account for account recovery (my biggest fear is that my email account will get hacked and if they reset my evernote password I'll be locked out). Any thoughts on being able to tie a mobile number to the account? A summary page that lists all the devices that have accessed my account. I see I can view my activity on my Mac, but I haven't figured out if there is a summary page of all device access like FaceBook has. Thanks for making such a great product and continuing to innovate it! Stephen