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  1. THANK YOU! Control and Command Key and Home or End keys now work. Would be nice if Evernote supported the dedicated keys without a modifier, but I'm grateful there is such an easy solution. THANKS CalS!
  2. Evernote's ability to take a URL and create a reliable note is having problems. Here is a recent article I tried using the Safari Evernote Extension to capture a webpage. https://thrivingyard.com/identifying-red-wiggler-worms/ Most of the still images and some of the Youtube items failed to come in. I had to manually go thru and copy/paste the specific images and links to make it work.
  3. When editing a long note I'll frequently need to navigate to the top or bottom of the note. Currently Evernote supports page up and page down, but does not support the home or end buttons on a standard computer keyboard on either Mac or Windows versions of Evernote. Please support these easy to implement standards.
  4. April 23 - Here's an update from Nick in Evernote TS (M-F 9:30-6:30 CST) "Since this note was synced to your Mac at one point, it's possible that it's still in your Mac's database folder. What I would like to do is have you check a folder in your Mac that stores recently deleted notes as a measure to try restoring this note. Open Evernote Hold down the 'Option' key In the menu bar, select Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder Locate the 'Purgatory' folder and double click to open it Click on 'Date Modified' to sort the most recent changes
  5. April 22 - Happy Earth Day. Got a response saying that my support ticket has now been transferred from Customer Service to Technical Support with a note saying they'll reply after they've had an opportunity to review the information I've provided. - Stay Tuned...
  6. April 19 - Got a response asking for the log file from my iPhone and letting me know they were going to escalate it to a technical support specialist.
  7. April 15 - Got an email from Olive! Granted it is a boiler plate template response just asking for the log file, but hey it is a start. Olive's tag says customer support hours are Sun-Thurs 6:30AM-3PM. Unsure if that is Evernote's hours, or just this customer support person's working hours. Hope that is helpful for anyone else waiting for help.
  8. I might be using Evernote wrong, so if you are able to select a set of notes and want to add a common keyword TAG to them PLEASE let me know how it is done. Currently I have to open each note and tag them individually. Feature Request: Allow adding of a TAG to multiple notes. Please allow the ability to search on a group of notes, manually select the ones you want to and add a common tag to by either text entry, drop down or drag to give each note the same tag. Currently I have to open them one at a time to give them a tag. In the help section please associate "keyword" wit
  9. You nailed it. Evernote's clients seem like the UX teams don't have a unified strategy across platforms. I get the sense there isn't a lot of code sharing (ie no common text engine across platforms) and that beyond the Evernote XML spec each client has free reign to implement cool ideas without regard. The downside is that each client is like a separate app, and when things go wonkers you get weirdness - like notes that get deleted without warning between clients. I hope Evernote gets an engineering and a UX manager that can enforce a core set of standards in code & design t
  10. At the end of Day 9 with no response to Evernote as a paid plus customer. I did get a couple of marketing notes for Evernote Team with Spaces! and offers to upgrade to Evernote Business. Needless to say I encourage folks who haven't done recent export backups of their data to take the time to do so. If Evernote goes under you don't want to wait until then! if you run into problems getting your data out, try smaller batches, or if you get errors on specific notes I've gone ahead and chose the duplicate note, and then deleted the older one and was able to work around a host of export
  11. Hi Super Guru, The note history isn't available for missing notes. It seems to be only an option for notes that still exist. Weird how Evernote deleted the note without keeping it in the trash. Maybe it has to do with the 2 devices and having it start as an empty untitled note. I appreciate the reply. I hope Evernote compensates you for your time! I doubt I'll hear from support. Past support tickets get ignored and when I take to Twitter I get the response that they've made it a priority ticket but it disappears into the black hole where my note probably went as well! I ha
  12. Wow - wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Yesterday I went to start a note on my iOS Evernote. Got interrupted so left it as a blank untitled note. Today I log into Evernote on my Mac, see the untitled note and as I'm drinking my coffee get to work writing out my thoughts. Fast forward an hour later I'm wrapping up the note on my Mac Evernote client. I've changed it from untitled to give it a name. It only has text content. I go to look at something on my iPhone and when I look up my note window is missing (like I had closed it). Evernote is still run
  13. The Mac Evernote developers need to make sure they aren't all developing on MacBooks. Someone PLEASE give one of them a nifty iMac Pro with a FULL size keyboard and PLEASE implement the Home, and End keys. It looks really silly that you don't already do this. On the bright side at least Evernote supports the forward delete button, page up and page down on the full size Mac keyboards - 4 out of 6 is better than nothing!
  14. Found some more wrinkles... if you google search for an article on iOS Safari Google adds their URL to the results which screws up Send to Evernote. Examples: search on quake proof sf chronicle may 2004 google gives this result: https://www.google.com/amp/www.sfgate.com/homeandgarden/amp/What-S-F-homeowners-need-to-do-to-be-ready-for-2782020.php if you save to Evernote it screws up, but if you strip out the google url part it works fine. http://www.sfgate.com/homeandgarden/amp/What-S-F-homeowners-need-to-do-to-be-ready-for-2782020.php Evernote sho
  15. I'm using 8.5.1 on iphone w iOS11 and it works for me. Does Evernote need permissiin to access reminders tgst you need to set in your iphone settings?
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