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Reminder Date Selector

Michael Goulding


The old reminder date selector was great, loved the circle and time bar. The new, not so great. One big annoyance is that Sun is on the left and Sat is on the right, please change this so that it follows the system preferences, ie in my case, week starts on Monday.

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On 6/12/2016 at 11:19 AM, Matt W. said:

Hello @Michael Goulding,

I could definitely see where this could be beneficial to have the sort option on the calendar to have Monday be the start of the week. Thank you for the feedback and members of the forum will up-vote this if they would like to see this happen.

Probably best to let the user pick their own layout. I like @Michael Goulding's idea to have the layout follow the user's system preferences. +1 for that. If you change the layout now, at least half the users are going to complain that they liked it better the old way.

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