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Reflow (Re-wrap) Text When Note Is Pinch-Zoomed



Notes can be pinched-zoomed, making everything larger (text as well as images) -- but then enlarged text cuts off by phone display--making this hardly a useful feature. As it is, pinch-zoom seems useful only to zoom into images and/or read small fragments of text, yet being able to enlarge text is an incredibly helpful feature -- particularly for users with imperfect vision or dyslexia.

Certainly, clipped web content can be limited by table grid, borders, or HTML formatting -- but even text-based notes created in Evernote don't re-flow text -- and even if most web-clipped text couldn't re-flow well, the 'simplify formatting' feature on the desktop client seems it'd largely solve this problem.

'Pinch-and-zoom' seems like a partially realized feature and text re-flowing would make it great!

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Pinched zoom does not allow you to view your entire note on your screen without constantly moving it around.  Every other app out there has the ability to change the font size. Why is it Evernote is not able to meet this request by so  many of their premium members?

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Yeah, this is BS. I'm visually impaired so this sucks. I'm a bit late to the discussion but if anyone has a quicker work around: I share to clipboard, then paste the link into opera: et voila.

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But there is some good news now. The recently released update to the Android app, v. 7.13.1, indicates in the release notes on Google Play that we can now "Adjust the note text size for better readability." The release notes don't say how this is done, but what you do is tap the 3-lines menu at the top left or the 3-dots menu at the top right of the app's main screen, then Settings > Notes; scroll to the bottom of the dialog and, under Editor, you can adjust the scale between 50% and 200%. This scale setting applies to all notes; but the same dialog can be accessed within any note from the 3-dots menu, then Settings (a scale setting made there will be global across all notes on the app). This setting affects display only, not the actual font size of the text; but scaled text does flow/wrap properly, unlike the pinch zooming action.

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I agree on this idea, however if it is implemented, please make the zoom level remain after an app session, and add a comment about this in tips (android's Messages app can see you doing this accidentally with volume button zoom whilst viewing a contacts messages)

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