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  1. If you are on a mobile device, you can set a passcode to the app if you subscribe. If you are not subscribed or are on a laptop, your account comes with a password. Signout of Evernote, or am I missing something? Cheers
  2. ./Dragon STT./ Although you cannot change the actual font size in the android version, you can change the size in which it is displayed within all the notes in Evernote. The solution was posted on another thread in the forums. "But there is some good news now. The recently released update to the Android app, v. 7.13.1, indicates in the release notes on Google Play that we can now "Adjust the note text size for better readability."…" Full Comment with solution in forum. Hope this helps. Cheers, BrynRedbeard
  3. Jaclyn, could you explain this to me in different words? I can't picture what you are asking about here. Cheers, BrynRedbeard
  4. gazumped, I was exploring today in EN Android and found this functionality. Being an EN novice, it may be new or I overlooked it earlier. To create a home screen shortcut to the notebook of choice (Inbox for me) open the app and navigate to the desired notebook. Tap the 3 vertical dots to display the settings menu, choose add to Home Screen. You will be presented with a dialog box to name the shortcut. Click Save and the shortcut to the desired notebook will be created. Cheers all
  5. Well, I got to playing around with this tonight. I primarily keep photos and other images on GDrive. My bank, medical, etc is on Dropbox because DB is integrated with other services. Here is what some playing around found. While the GDrive integration is more fully functional, I can easily pull a DB file into Android EN by clicking the paper clip choosing File on the presented screen. This presents the Android data sources on the left. Where you can go searching for directories on the device or on the SD card. Any cloud services that you have installed on the Android device will also be in the list. I chose DB dove down a couple of directories to a 1.2M pdf file. I didn't have a timer on it but it was in the note in less than 10 seconds. I'm not a EN expert but my new note was not locally stored, so when all is said and done that 1.2M pdf is going from DB to Android EN (1.2M data xfer) and then to EN cloud storage (another 1.2M transfer.) My guess is that you would not want to do a lot of big files unless you were on WiFi and even then you need to be choosy. Just my guess though. Cheers Bryn
  6. enotetool, That's great. Hopefully part of a new path for EN. Cheers
  7. Thanks, I see how to short cut a note. That really doesn't help me. I, like everyone else in this thread for the last 2 years, want to open to a particular notebook. So I have up voted the thread, but won't be holding my breath. Cheers
  8. I have never made a shortcut in Android. Guess I will do some research this week. Cheers
  9. As I read the organizer gurus who recommend Evernote, one topic continues to be repeated. "You can't use Evernote for daily tasks. You must use... todoist, Bullet Journal, etc" I would like to be able to open Evernote to my Daily notebook. That has a note for everything I need to accomplish today. Rather than the disorganization of All Notes. Without displaying my notebook to everyone. Thanks
  10. This is a message from the future. 2017... LOL Despite all the naysayers above you can now link Dropbox to index a subdirectory into Evernote using IFTTT. The applet is called "from Dropbox to Evernote" and can be found at https://ifttt.com/applets/84555p. Cheers
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