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Fix 'Could not connect to server. You need to be online...' once and for all

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Just downloaded and installed Evernote on a new Win 7 computer.  After the installer completes, and I try to start the app, I get the attached error.  Yet I am online !  I posted this successfully from Firefox, then tried again -- same error.

After a bit of googling, i've literally found dozens of people over several years who have encountered this same problem on many editions of Windows.

My idea: fix this bug once and for all.  Don't require magic incantations in IE, or fiddling with Win Control Panel SSL settings, as a work around.  Fix the bug, straight up.  I install many Win apps on many editions of Windows that that don't have this issue, eg SplashID, Todoist, Dropbox, Box, to name just a few.  They access cloud servers/web services right out of the box without this error or any fiddling in IE, Control Panel, or other black magic.

Thanks for listening, Peter Spung, @paspung

Evernote could not connect to server msg.png

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Hi.  Sadly it's not a fixable 'bug'.  If the settings on your device are not allowing Evernote to connect,  there's no way to change them automatically.  I would agree that Evernote could maybe add a link to a help page in the error message so you get a quick run-down of places to look...

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Have you checked your firewall lately? IMHO, that has been the cause of some issues I have had with this kind of thing. Not something that Evernote could sort out automatically. If not that, you some of those incantations....


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I'm just reinstalled my Evernote for MAC and am getting the same thing. I can't access my notes because I get the message "Couldnot connect to servor." And like Peter, I do have Internet access. Does anyone have a fix for this? I can't believe this is happening. Evernote has always worked flawlessly for me in the past.

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