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  1. Thanks for posting this @JMichaelTX. Unfortunately it didn't work for me on a new Win 7 laptop. Other suggestions?
  2. Just downloaded and installed Evernote on a new Win 7 computer. After the installer completes, and I try to start the app, I get the attached error. Yet I am online ! I posted this successfully from Firefox, then tried again -- same error. After a bit of googling, i've literally found dozens of people over several years who have encountered this same problem on many editions of Windows. My idea: fix this bug once and for all. Don't require magic incantations in IE, or fiddling with Win Control Panel SSL settings, as a work around. Fix the bug, straight up. I install many Win apps on many editions of Windows that that don't have this issue, eg SplashID, Todoist, Dropbox, Box, to name just a few. They access cloud servers/web services right out of the box without this error or any fiddling in IE, Control Panel, or other black magic. Thanks for listening, Peter Spung, @paspung
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