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Android app will not let me add notes to PDF

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Hello @bmcshan79,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. Evernote on Android currently doesn't have the option to annotate PDF's like on other platforms, but it is something we are looking into. In the meantime, you can check out Adobe Acrobat Reader on Android. This can be found in the Google Play Store and can help when annotating. Hope this helps.

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Hi @Matt W.

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm a premium subscriber too, and feel very concerned about the Skitch Android app being discarded before PDF annotation was properly integrated into the Android app. To my knowledge, there is no Android app which provides the level of integration with the Evernote app (true, we can use Adobe Reader app as an external app to view and annotate PDF docs, but there is no simple way to update the annotated PDF inside an existing note). As many Android premium users, I feel like a second-class citizen when I look at the level of integration in the iOS app. And the PDF annotation feature is still advertised on the Android app description.

Since it is a premium feature, it would be nice if you provide us with some insights as to what kind of annotation support is planned for Android, and when we can expect it to land on the Play store.


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I have recently subscribed to Evernote's "Plus" (standard) version and I am trying out the "annotate PDF" 30-day trial.

It is very disappointing that this feature does not work on the android app.

Is this really going to be taken care of, @Matt W.?

If not, this "Premium version" feature is useless to android users.


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Hi, I was going about it wrong. I was letting the pdf open with another pdf app rather than the inbuilt "annotate" function of the Evernote. This was silly, however, it is what happens if I intuitively press the pencil symbol instead of selecting "annotate" from the options.


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Hmm. I click the "annotate" button, the pdf opens. And a side bar which lets me chose color and width of a tool. But unfortunately no tool to annotate whatsoever. All I can do is read the pdf. No Commenting at all. Really, I am wondering why it takes more that two years to come up with exactly no workable solution here.

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5 hours ago, ubiquist said:

I click the "annotate" button

Hi.  I open my PDFs from Evernote on my Android and they automatically appear in an editor app - Xodo - which allows me to add comment appropriately.  There's no Evernote-driven 'annotate' button.  (I set my default PDF app to Xodo on installation.)  


Edit: but actually,  when I open the ... menu and click Annotate I also get the colour and size choice for a marker - and the right-hand button lets me choose which tool to use,  text / marker etc.  It seems to be working fine for me...

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