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Search operator to match fragments

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Search only matches whole words matching strings in the search.  Thus, if I search intitle:2016, a note with 20160327 in the title is not found, but a note with blah 2016 blah in the title is found.  

It would be tremendously useful if something like fragment*, i.e. allowing a wildcard character in the string, would then find fragmentitus.  Similarly, *dog* would find gooddog, hisdogisgone etc.

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You bring up two points

1.) Regarding intitle: - you could find the note by adding a wild card asterisk 


2.) Search for characters within a word. This request has been submitted a few times over the years. Evernote is aware of the request. They have to balance the customers' need vs the work required to re-code their multi-OS indexing software.

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Hi jbenson2.  I thought I had tried the wildcard at the end, must be getting old and senile faster than I thought.  

It would be great if a more robust advanced search was on the roadmap somewhere, but for now I'm OK.  I guess I should RFM a bit more.

Have a good weekend.

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1 hour ago, eafpres said:

It would be great if a more robust advanced search was on the roadmap somewhere,

I agree. There are some work arounds.

I often use keywords to help my search. For instance, I live in rural central Maine. I store internet speed results to track slowdowns. But I can't remember if I used Speed Test (2 words) or SpeedTest (1 word) , so I put both versions in my title. Example:

2016 02 02 USA ME Palmyra - 76R speed test / speedtest (36.92 Mbps download)

Some people like to add an underscore in their date stamp. I find it difficult to locate the underscore key, so I just put a space between YYYY MM DD.

I also throw in a search code into the body of my note to quickly find every speed test that I have ever run. ( Search Code G8Y4W782 )

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Great idea this wild character thing. I often do not remember the exact spelling of an item but almost always the most important parts. So with a search capability with wild characters like *, it would solve our problem.

PLEASE EVERNOTE: put this request on your ToDo-list!

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