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  1. I have been working towards getting a memory and SSD upgrade for my laptop; maybe soonish. I hope it helps, but even if not, I want it for other reasons. I'm actually pretty happy with the version I'm running; it's almost as if everyone needs to find their own sweet spot and just stay put, ignore the updates for as long as possible, etc.
  2. Pretty much my identical scenario, except I have 27,000 + notes, and many thousands have PDFs attached. Several open tickets for "not responding" issue with the usual rebuild dB, change settings, etc. Nothing worked. I'm currently using (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) which is the best I've had in a year or more, and I have refused the last several updates, afraid to try them. There are a few bugs in this version but it seems stable and doesn't hang as much as earlier "bad" versions.
  3. FYI, the above is boilerplate. I've been sent this exact text several times. Not clear if the expert knows anything.
  4. This has been happening to me for about 2 years, with no fix. I resort to finding an email of anyone at EN who contacted me and going that route.
  5. :-) Good suggestions; I'll get to this during the long refractory period between when the Evernote Apocalypse does arrive (if ever) and when they stop supporting my client version.
  6. “If you open the HTML file with a browser the PDFs are inline so to speak. Don't know if it helps much...” yes, “content” is there. Not what I want but okay if no other option.
  7. When I export in Windows, the PDFs are not there--there are images of them, as cgi files. The html files are stored one level above the folders, which is also messy.
  8. Just a couple thoughts from my perspective. I'm an independent consultant and have used Evernote for several years in my business. It helps me organize information in projects, create some documents (although I do that mainly in other tools), and importantly collect things from the web like articles, pdfs, images, etc. that are relevant content. Importantly is the ability to search (which I wish was much more powerful than it is) and access content at any time (even years later for some projects) as well as the automation that associates the original web address with the content, in case I need to verify it is the same, as well as provide references (many reports I write require referencing all external content--clients want that). So, it's important to me and deeply integrated into my work and therefore my livelihood. Having framed it that way: 1) If I had it to do over I would have a more robust way to independently access the content, in the event of issues, closure of EN, etc. Unfortunately, I have a very high % of PDFs in my data, and the export to HTML does not address that. Going back and matching PDFs with content is a pain I hope I don't have to face. The reality is then that I could go to another platform but probably would NOT migrate legacy projects. Therefore, under almost any scenario I see myself continuing to use the Windows client for a long time. 2) Considering what using it ongoing might mean in the scenarios some of you have painted, I have convinced myself of the following: absent a complete shutdown of Evernote and therefore their servers, I expect I could freeze my setup at the version I use now and I could use that for years at least. My reasoning is that any company is very unlikely, even if they decide to roll out completely new clients to all platforms, to cut off the existing users very fast. However, that day could come, but it would give me a lot of time to figure out what's next. I'm "relatively" happy with Windows 6.16.4 and have stopped updating for now as it seems stable enough and the pathologies (bugs or "features") I don't like are things I can live with. It's better than it was last summer, so my trend has been positive. 3) Some of you may recall that EN DID roll out a Windows client that looked and worked almost the same as the Web, and the user community revolted and they relented. That version was never to be seen again, as far as I can tell. I would be astonished if they did that again. I take the blog comments to mean harmonizing feature sets, not necessarily code, but I could be very wrong. However, if they really try to go with one version, for me, if it WORKS, is reasonably "not slow", and doesn't crash or lose data, I'll probably be OK. Some years ago I was firmly in the camp of "no web-only apps for me", as I wanted "control" of having local data etc. However, over time I've become converted. Examples include Wunderlist (although Microsoft may yet ruin that!), Toggl, reddit, Linkedin, Slack, and Twitter. Although some of these have Windows clients or "Windows apps", I stopped using them as, for instance, the Windows Slack app is a memory hog, and it runs fine in my browser. I have the reddit app on my iOS devices but use it in-browser otherwise. Toggl and Wunderlist have never had Windows native clients. At any rate, I'll keep hoping for the best. I do appreciate the points of view here as I would not have interpreted things in the ways that some of you have, and it has given me some good insights. Nonetheless, if I don't work I don't get paid (at all!) so I'll stop rambling and go back to work, including with Evernote.
  9. Ironically although I found the remarks encouraging and appreciate the release notes with recent versions my iOS app quit syncing in the last couple of weeks, and as before I deleted reinstalled and resynced but it stopped syncing again. So for now it’s not usable. But I’m looking forward to continuous improvement.
  10. This was happening to me regularly in 6.14.x, without any other issues. So far 6.15 is better behaved, but it's early. So it "could" be Windows, but "seems" more like an EN-Windows thing.
  11. I believe this is a bug; unsure if it was in earlier but did not notice in 6.15 Run saved search--has multiple items with "any" option Open a note from search results Note opens to a wide view, but highlighting is present on search terms ('correct_highlight.jpg') Change width of note window; highlighting goes away ('incorrect_highlight.jpg')
  12. So I was running 6.14 beta something and it was quite good. I had a problem where content being emailed into my default notebook corrupted another note (content was replaced and was not in history), and support asked me to go to 6.15 beta 2. It has been terrible. It crashes constantly, it hangs (6.14 seemed pretty fast), and I found some sync issues. So, my question is would you all suggest I go to 6.15 GA, or go back to the 6.14 beta I liked? Other than losing the branding and templates, there is nothing in 6.15 I think I need. Are there likely problems going backwards?
  13. When it crashes, the process disappears from the Task Manager and clicking on the taskbar icon, or choosing from start will not relaunch it. ?
  14. I installed 6.15 beta 2 because support said a problem where content was being overwritten by other note content was fixed in this release. I was running 6.14 beta (something). Two issues: 1) Seems to have more performance issues than 6.14 2) It's crashing all the time. Unfortunately, after crashing, it will not restart. I have to log out, switch user, or restart to be able to launch again. Huge time waster. If it does it again I'm going back to 6.14.
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