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  1. Unfortunately, the same result. It is probably one of those "just this note has issues" things. If I find a way to reproduce it, I'll update.
  2. Good idea. I tried it, same result.
  3. Anyone know where I could get the more recent beta?
  4. Not sure if this has been reported. I'm currently (30584) Prerelease Saved search is returning results from notebooks outside the scope See annotated screen capture
  5. I shut down Evernote and terminated all background processes, restarted, no change. I removed the clipper extension from chrome, restarted chrome, reinstalled clipper, no change. I removed clipper, cleared cache/cookies, restarted chrome, reinstalled clipper, no change.
  6. Yah--I agree it is support Issuu. Will raise with them. Just wanted feedback first.
  7. I can't seem to find much on this topic, so I apologize if this has been addressed in recent versions. I run in Windows 10 on a lenovo laptop. I'm using (305494) Prerelease. When I clip a page from the web, frequently it is at total mess. I'm seeing cases where images are lost, formatting might get squashed into one column at the left, links aren't visible--as I said-a total mess. I tried clipping "Article"--bad; I tried clipping "Full page"--bad; I tried clipping "selection" after highlighting--bad. I can use "Simplified article" but I see a lot of cases where that misses content. Any tips here? Two side by side (note, page) screen captures attached.
  8. I'm running in Windows (305173) Prerelease. I think at least some here are up to that. I have reported a bug and EN confirms and is working on it. (Ticket# 2135128 - Note corrupted contains content of another note) I have not seen anyone here post about it, so I am doing so just to save someone else future keystrokes. There are cases where note content is being replaced by content of other notes. I have found 3 instances over the last couple of weeks. Good news--if you find one, use note history to revert to a previous version of the corrupted note. My workflow includes: Many feeds, newsletters, and other things are directed to my EN default notebook. In some instances, the created note content is then replaced by content from an existing note in another notebook. So far I have no pattern on what note or notebook is "chosen" to grab the content. I first found this looking at notes on my iPhone. I the confirmed in Windows. I have not explicitly verified on web, but based on EN's response to me (which have been prompt and honest admitting to the bug) I think it is on their server side, not a particular app. Again, work around is to go to note history and revert. So far I have found no cases for which that does not work.
  9. Hi Ellen--that works perfectly! Thank you for the tip. And thank you to Evernote--I use it constantly and it really helps me organize my business.
  10. Ah. For some reason I thought the iOS apps were pure cloud. For example, nothing is local (available offline) unless you specifically mark the notebook to be available offline.
  11. Sorry I wasn't clear. I'm on a web page that is a PDF. I use the feature from chrome with the little box with the arrow, which gives me options like mail, message, Evernote, LinkedIn etc. I choose Evernote. The Evernote dialogue comes up allowing me to edit title, add tags, choose a notebook. When that dialogue opens the small compass/clock spins all the way around but never changes the another icon. When this sort of clipping works, the icon changes typically to the web page icon etc. So I'm clipping not saving and it is going t the cloud not my device. Same thing on iPhone.
  12. On iPhone and iPad when I try to save PDF the little clock goes all the way around but never completes. App just sits there. Usually I cancel then email. Has been this way for a long time.
  13. I would like a feature in notes that lets me flag them as "always on top" in any search in which they should appear. This would allow me to keep certain items on top that I want to work on etc. A check box in the note info menu would be a convenient place to set this.
  14. Better late than never, my approach to this often uses the "create table of contents" which nicely makes a linked list of whatever notes I have group selected, then I can edit that into a check list, as well as add a reminder. For me, the biggest gap in addressing to-dos in Evernote is the inability to make recurring remindrers. I have a long-term goal to see if I can do that using something like IFTTT or Zapier.
  15. Support confirmed this is a real issue and has been added to their queue to fix.