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  1. Thank you! I overlooked the backslash escape. Here is what works (I think this is due to the email address after): author:"\"Telecompaper*"
  2. I'm having trouble with search using the author field. Here are an example that works, and one that doesn't. I suspect the latter has to do with the quoted name in the field, is there a way around this? field value for author in note information: TelecomLead <editor@telecomlead.com> search: author:telecomlead* returns all expected notes field value for author in note information: "Telecompaper" <headlines@mail.telecompaper.com> none of the following searches returns any results: author:telecompaper* author:mail.telecompaper* author:telecompaper.com author:mail.telecompaper.com author:"Telecompaper" author:"Telecompaper <headlines@mail.telecompaper.com>" author:headlines@mail.telecompaper* author:headlines@mail.telecompaper.com author:headlines*
  3. This is problematic to me if a full description of what is happening. For my main use model, I can see notes I'm trying to search (they are new) and if they are synced (the circle thing). But I also often search existing content. Going back to the other thread about the upcoming feature to delete local content that isn't used recently, this could blow up my business if I miss things I should find in search that have "expired". This could be especially problematic for notes I have sent directly into notebooks (instead of the default, which I use as an "inbox"). I route notes based on topic/content and expect they will be in search results in the future, even if I have never read them before. I think I can work around this by more or less negating the benefits of on-demand sync, by ensuring that new stuff is synced, then contorolling settings to ensure nothing ever expires. The problem would remain for directly filed notes, so I'm concerned about that. Anyone care to straighten me out?
  4. Reading back through I wonder if I should play with this setting? I'm a bit nervous about the idea that local stuff could be removed in the future case using the setting to get rid of local data that hasn't been viewed for a configurable amount of time. If I change this setting to push more to the subdirectory will that content stay regardless of the time since last viewing setting? in reality I probably won't care about local or not as s lot of stuff I do is in the cloud anyway. So I mainly want to figure out optimized settings.
  5. So is it determined that local database size is related to performance issues? Are you referring to local or server dB? (I'm assuming local since the server is the definitive copy). We've had dialogue that the dB size isn't that large. Also if already synced how does that impact things?
  6. Thanks! I'll look into it more seriously. I know it will make a big difference. When I got this machine, I was misled (my fault) by the specs which show a SSHD, which is bascially just a drive with some dedicted cache. And, it turns out not a very well implemented one!
  7. The migration is what is holding me back. It takes a long time to get everything just right on these Windows machines. I have not personally tried to clone. I'm worried about the registry in such a migration. Have you done it successfully? I've been considering taking my laptop to a professional to upgrade the drive, but that still make me nervous. I have been considering this for at least a year. I guess if I keep waiting it will be time for a new laptop soon.
  8. The RAM usage is only an issue if some apps become sensitive to available RAM. I don't know why EN was behaving that way for me before, but it isn't now. Diskeeper seems to be well behaved in that it dynamically uses RAM if it is otherwise available. So far, my system including EN is happy with 81% RAM in use, which was crippling before. What I'm waiting to see is if, once Diskeeper catches up and is managing caching etc., do the minor "Not Responding" events go away or not. That would be a very nice result, but I'll see and report back.
  9. I wanted to provide an update to my user experience with I am seeing occasional "Not Responding". However, they are brief. I interpret this as the dev team is making smart tradeoffis in syncing etc. On-demand sync definitely helps, I think. I had reported previously that when RAM utilization exceeded 60% that EN would grind to a halt, hang, etc. This appears to no longer be the case. A result is that my system is more stable on the whole. This is a great thing for me. I have one test I plan to run and will update again. I have noted in the past that my lenovo suffers in part from a mediocre hard drive, which has some un-intelligent firmware that causes performance issues. This seemed to exacerbate the EN issues. As part of trying to improve this, I acquried a sotware called Diskeeper. There is an option in that software to dynamically use RAM for caching beyond what would occur normally. The idea behind Diskeeper is to more intelligently manage read/write behavior to improve system performance. Unfortunately, when the caching was engaged, it took RAM utilization way up, and EN would hang. With this latest version, I will try again and report back. Happy Friday!
  10. I wasn't aware of this until you pointed it out. I've adjusted to have the sync column visible in my note list panel (side list). That makes it easy for me to see if I want to "click ahead" to get notes to sync while I'm working on a long list. Question--what is the tiny black dot that sometimes appears? I can't perfectly match it to a scenario
  11. Ah, that expains my observations. I have settled into list view with side note panel. My main use model makes this a good choice as I can sort quickly by created or modified, as well as title. I just tested rapidly clicking down a list then starting again at the top, and they are all loaded by the time I get back to them. So at least I have a workaround! Thanks again for the support and for the information!
  12. Just to clarify, in my case I'm looking at a list of notes, none are scrolled away, and I work thorugh them clicking them in sequence. So it seems to me that the stated design would have loaded the other notes by the time I clicked on them. This statement "client only downloads the notes you are actually looking at" to me was meaning "notes you are seeing in your note list", not "notes you have clicked on". But I could, of course, be wrong.
  13. Question with regard to expected behavior of with regard to syncing notes. From earlier comments I thought that the applicaiton (Windows) will sync notes in the current note list view as a priority. However, what I'm seeing is that, say, I'm doing a search in a notebook and it results in 6 notes. I click the first one and it says "loading..." then the note appears shortly. That is more or less as expected. However, after viewing the 1st note for a minute or so, I click the next one, and it says "loading..." This continues even after 10 minutes. My expectation was that the remainder of the list which I am viewing would be synced by the time I click on them. So I would just like to understand if thiis is expected, or am I observing an issue? As always, thanks for the support.
  14. I see this with notes via mail and/or other external sources on occasion. I think it has something to do with links or some other content that tries to update somehow. Notes will jump to the top of the list when I'm viewing sorted on updated. Annoying but I've never seen it on lots of existing notes. Is there any chance you inadvertently applied a bulk update? Like applying a tag?