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  1. eafpres

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    Will look at other tabs next time.
  2. eafpres

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    When it crashes, the process disappears from the Task Manager and clicking on the taskbar icon, or choosing from start will not relaunch it. 😔
  3. eafpres

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    I installed 6.15 beta 2 because support said a problem where content was being overwritten by other note content was fixed in this release. I was running 6.14 beta (something). Two issues: 1) Seems to have more performance issues than 6.14 2) It's crashing all the time. Unfortunately, after crashing, it will not restart. I have to log out, switch user, or restart to be able to launch again. Huge time waster. If it does it again I'm going back to 6.14.
  4. eafpres

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    A note of encouragement to EN developers and others--I've been using 6.14 beta 3 and it does seem to perform better on my laptop. I'm now afraid to go to 6.14 GA, and 6.15 beta x. But this is the first improvement I've seen in a long time.
  5. I have used Trello for years. It consists of boards which contain lists which contain cards. Cards can represent nearly anything, and they can contain content, but it would be a monumental task to manage information at the scale many of us use Evernote, in Trello. I used it for project management, including using to to run an agile software development project. It has many nice features, but isn't in the same class of application as Evernote.
  6. eafpres

    Cannot contact support

    Thank you!
  7. I brought this up before; but now I have a problem with note content overwritten, and really need support. However, I have the following situation: Evernote Windows ( -> Help & Learning --> web --> says I need to log in --> log in --> Says I'm logged out --> log in --> Web Client --> Help & Learning --> says I need to log in --> click Send Us Email --> Says I'm logged out I've tried various permutations including clicking on the red text for "Improved Experience" to no avail; same infinite loop What I'm hoping is someone from EN sees this and can reach out to me, as I'm seeing an old bug where notes are being overwritten with content of other notes; but in the past they could be recovered w/history; today this is not the case and therefore I'm losing content.
  8. eafpres

    Chrome Now Available: Clipper 7.4 for Chrome

    This appeared to be fixed by updating Chrome, but today I hit another one. First time to this page clipper was stuck; reloading fixed it. https://www.fastcompany.com/40459339/google-perspective-fighting-hate-and-trolls-with-a-mindless-ai
  9. eafpres

    Chrome Now Available: Clipper 7.4 for Chrome

    I'm still seeing this, but most times if I just reload the page then re-clip it works. The first time it just spins. I keep forgetting to grab an affected url but will do so.
  10. eafpres

    Chrome Now Available: Clipper 7.4 for Chrome

    I'm seeing a lot of pages that just won't clip from Chrome--the icon just spins and says Saving Your Clip forever. Tried clip selection; clip article, clip page. None work. This began after this update. Sometimes if I try again, it works, and can be very fast. Sometimes the only solution is to copy/paste manually. This will be difficult to repro but I can try to find some pages as examples. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. Well, I tried an experiment wherein I opened IE11 instead of Chrome; since I rarely use it I deleted all history, cookies--everything; then restarted and tried from there; same result. Perhaps it is a security setting; hadn't explored that. I finally submitted via my iPhone app.
  12. Accessing help from either the web app, or the windows client, sends to a web page that says I need to log in to access support, clicking on log in at the top kicks me to a page saying I'm logged out, logging in there sends me back to the web app. Circle complete.
  13. I tried switching to IE, which I only use tor rare occasions when I have Chrome problems. I deleted all cookies etc, then restarted the browser. Same loop. Finally submitted via my iPhone and the app there. Basically I'm asking if there is some way those of us who want to remain with EN and are troubled by the issues, direction, and silence, could help. Clearly, the forums are just self directed for the most part (at least those I participate in). BTW, is there a GA later than 6.12 that is a good choice for Windows?
  14. Unfortunately, exactly the same loop for me.