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  1. Another feature that would be an efficiency help. For items I've gotten as feeds etc. directed to my EN account, while reviewing in the Windows client, many have links to the content. It would be really nice if on right clicking gave an option in the popup to "open in background" or something like that. In that way, I could go through a bunch of material, opeing things I want to dig into more deeply, without having to go back and forth over and over. Now each clicked link jumps to the browser, and I have to click back to EN to continue.
  2. When using anything browser-based, I can highlight, right click, and get the options list that includes "Search Google for..". It would be great if that capability were added to EN Windows client. All the time reviewing material I have automatically sent into EN, I would like to search on something to get more info. I have to highlight, copy, switch to browser, paste & search.
  3. Managing memory has become part of my routine. As noted before, the Chrome add-in "The Great Suspender" has been a huge help, along with the registry edit. I believe two things are causing memory leaks--(1) putting my laptop to sleep, and (2) Microsoft Office Software, especially Excel. I can go almost a full day with memory < 50%, then I get into a few spreadsheets and maybe a PowerPoint or Word doc, and memory creeps up and doesn't fully come back after closing/exiting. It is difficult to state a clear set of steps to repro. But if memory use gets over 60% I see EN performance issues. Net result is about 1 restart a day to get memory back.
  4. I am seeing this issue, albeit rarely. It's become 2nd nature to just reload as soon as I see it.
  5. Yeah, but I'm really stubborn.
  6. Here is an update in my ongoing quest for better performance. The changes I made before as noted above I think reduced the not responding due to 100% disk I/O. Not eliminated. EN seems to like it when I'm using it constantly. If I leave it alone for a while, when I go back after a few operations it hangs on the disk I/O. Usually once or twice, then pretty well behaved until the next time I ignore it for a while. However, recently I have been seeing another type of not responding. In the past I was so focused on the disk I/O I may have been missing this. I sometimes get not responding without the 100% disk I/O in task manager. Over the last few weeks I've been looking into that and found that, at least some of the time, it is related to when my memory (RAM) use nears 80%, EN just hangs. It can take several minutes in some cases to come back. So I've been looking at how to get my memory utilization down. I did the usual stuff like disable unwanted programs in startup, reduce the number of things I had open, etc. Still I was often hitting the 80% level and having EN issues. I run Chrome and as most know it uses a lot of memory, at least in Windows 10. I have been trying an add in called The Great Suspender. It is a configurable tool that takes Chrome tabs and "suspends" them. It does bring the memory use down a lot, when I have lots of tabs open. The trade off is they have to reload when you go back to them. You can whitelist certain urls/domains to not suspend no matter what. it is easy to use and has been working fine for me. There is another add-in called One Tab which I may try. However, this still was not a full solution. I started looking into memory leaks etc., and there is a lot out there. I tried various things with slightly incremental. I won't list them here as none were really the solution. However, I then made a registry change suggested by several sites. That reduced my startup time and dropped memory use by over 20%. Here it is: Hit Win Key + R Type in “Regedit” and then hit Enter. Go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management’ Find ‘ClearPageFileAtShutDown’ and change its value to 1 Restart the computer I"m not clear what this does, but it has had a positive impact for me. The net is my system is running better and I'm not seeing EN not responding type 2. I'll update if I learn more.
  7. I thought it is worth an update. I have not seen this issue in a week or more (not sure). Not sure if there was a Chrome update, or a mystery update somewhere else, or it just "went away".
  8. Hi Donald--just FYI Zapier is more powerful but more limited in the free version. Zapier has the ability to modify the subject line in emails as well as perform some functions in Evernote directly. If you can't get it to work with IFTTT you might want to take a look. I started on it with Zapier but have not had the time to get it to work yet. If you do get it to work with IFTTT I'd love to get the recipe!
  9. Would you consider using a backend tool like IFTTT or Zapier with Evernote to accomplish what you want? I think it could be done.
  10. I have found another workaround that seems to work with Chrome. Right click the tab and select "duplicate". Clip on the new tab. So far that works every time for me.
  11. They are aware and have indicated they hope to fix it soon. No firm date.
  12. Update: My lenovo has a poor implementation of a SSHDD. I'm using the workaround which forces the drive to stay awake. As noted, that does seem to help. Reading some other threads in Microsoft Community, I decided to try and change my disk cache settings--what I was really after was to improve copy/paste, which seems to often cause the EN problem. Where I was led was to change the disk cache settings, so I updated those. I found a thread suggesting setting the "initial" size equal to RAM, and the max size to 1.5x RAM. I have 8 GB RAM, so I set it to those figures. After two days working it seems to have a very positive effect on the EN issue. Not perfect, but my disk I/O isn't maxed out and generally is much lower in queue depth usage (that is what is shown in Task Manager). 1) Caution: it takes a long time to start up from cold start or restart with these settings. 2) I use Task Manager to monitor disk I/O so I can see when EN is stuck due to that. If you watch the disk I/O during startup, it takes several minutes to drop down from 99%~100%, but once it does, the system is very stable. I recommend being patient on startup. 3) It still seems that every now and then EN goes into not responding, but I think it is coming out of that faster. 4) As noted before, I turned off instant sync. It was causing some issues (lag) or me. I have not re-tested w/new cache settings. 5) I updated my delay of instant search to 501 ms otherwise it would get ahead of me and cause issues. In the past, I disabled it altogether with a registry hack, but the latest (anniversary) Windows update killed that, but EN added the feature to change the delay in Tools-->Options-->Search 6) So, with all those caveats, here is the procedure I followed (see image for actual settings I used; yours may be different): To increase the Virtual Memory perform the following. 1. Open Control Panel and select System. On the left side menu, click Advanced system settings. 2. Click the Advanced Tab. In the Performance section, click the Settings button. 3. Click the Advanced Tab again. In the Virtual Memory section click the Change button. 4. If the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives is selected, Remove the check mark from that option. In the Drive section, make sure that the C: Drive is selected. 5. Click the Custom Size option. 6. In the Initial size (MB) box enter the amount equal to the amount of RAM that is installed on the computer. In the Maximum size (MB) box enter the amount equal to 1.5 times the amount of RAM. 7. Click the Set button (important) and click OK. Restart the computer for the new settings to take effect.
  13. Hey Robert--see my repro steps earlier in this thread. Definitely somehow related to multiple tabs. Unfortunately for me, I usually work with 20ish tabs open all the time...
  14. Here are some updates: 1) Instant sync--I noticed considerable and ongoing lag when creating a document directly in Evernote or editing existing. It may have worked fine for clipped notes, but for me no net positive. I turned it back off. Extra: I clip a lot of scientific articles in PDF from the internet. There typically are things I need to do to the clipped note, such as change the url or add checkbox items. For those reasons my habit is to clip a note, then go to EN Windows, sync and do the clean up. This reduces the instance of notes for which I neglected to do the clean up. Because of this, instant sync for clipping doesn't help me. Given the issues for editing, I won't use it. This is not to say it will not be a plus for others. 2) I have noted before that copy/paste edits often cause the No Responding issue. Today I found that cut/paste does not induce the same issue. My test is not exhaustive but I did reproduce it once.