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  1. I agree this is my number one concern right now. My use model directs nearly all my newsletters, feeds etc. into a few notebooks on Evernote. I then process these as time permits. The net is that I delete a lot of these. Deleting is very slow, and hugely slow as you select more notes. Moving is equally slow, which another common use model for me. Regarding the cloud activity--I tested with completely offline an it is still slow, so I'm unsure if that is actually a contributor.
  2. Definitely getting rid of the sqlite dB is important to Windows; it was a major performance problem with larger dBs. The folder per note should not be a big deal on most Windows systems. I think the slow ness is they aren't cacheing, and it's talking to the cloud all the time, but that's just a theory. It has already improved as far as I can tell, so I feel things are heading in a good direction, and they are removing some structural barriers to making the Windows experience better.
  3. @Jeff510 When you install, there is a question to install just for you or for all users. If you happened to install for all users, it might be in a different path instead of under your particular user.
  4. I think one of the long-standing issues on Windows is the use of a MySQL database which was not only underperforming but inefficient. When I calculate the avg. PDF size for the number of PDFs I have, which are the main attachments I tend to have, it is more consistent with the new storage than the old value. I did confirm Mike P's update that the MIME contains the file type and the file is of that type, so I do indeed have all my PDFs in a relatively accessible form, as well as all other attachments. I agree w/s2sailor that I'll not throw away all copies of that old db just yet... Thanks for all the help here, folks.
  5. Something of note. In September when I began to use the new version, my EN storage (c:\users\<user>\evernote occupied (still does, it's just lurking there...) 52.8 GB and comprised 750 files in 12 folders. On the other hand, the new storage (c:\users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Evernote) now occupies only 3.08 GB but has 49,234 files in 2,874 folders.
  6. Correction--this was an even older version, I was looking at old backups. More recently, it would seem even the attachments are inside the exb
  7. Yes, it's a huge change, and I get what they are doing, but I think this was awfully early to release it. Watched a very recent interview w/the CEO and he's pretty in-tune with the issues but doesn't see any other way.
  8. That does seem to be where the new app is using storage. An issue is back in the old app, which definitely had file access performance issues in Windows, the actual attachments were stored. That mean, theoretically, I could get to PDFs, of which I have a lot in EN. Now, I don't see anything identifiable as such.
  9. I have asked support but no answer so far. I can see that the prior files from older EN Windows client are not being used, and would like to get rid of them to save drive space, but I cannot find where the files are stored now. I did test by disconnecting from the internet and verified I can still open attachments, so they are somewhere. Any pointers?
  10. Thank you for this. I'm on the other side of the spectrum--I have over 30,000 notes, and probably 1/3 have PDFs. In my early use of Evernote I saved PDFs to my drive and used the feature that automatically imported things from selected folders. However, eventually I gave way to just clipping them, since it is very efficient to do so, and now I would guess the majority of my PDFs only exist in Evernote. My main database is about 20 GB on my local drive. Sounds like moving to OneNote would not be a net plus for me.
  11. Reading the 20 or so posts a day in this thread has become a highlight of my day, please don't take it away!
  12. Hey Marc--could you describe how large your data are; i.e. roughly how many notes, how many have attachments, and how the migration has worked for you regarding preserving notebooks, tags, attachments, etc? I'm really interested in your experience as most of the time it seems people around here consider OneNote a poor substitute. (Note to all--I'm not stating a fact or attempting to be critical, but that is my rough impression after reading here for years, so if you disagree and love OneNote I'd love to hear that, but please don't light me on fire for that remark!).
  13. I'm still using 6.16.4 Windows client--it's laggy as it has been for years, but stable. I quit using iOS a long time ago as sync kept going haywire--too bad, I liked to use my mobile to catch up in the evening. So that's about 40% of functionality lost to me. I'm hopeful as always. I lost a bunch of stuff last year when I discovered a bug in EN after making several notebooks local trying to improve performance. Way back, they tried what I felt was wrong-headed on-demand sync, and when I made notebooks local, all the unsynced notes content were lost. Support helped me find a backup I had made and it is possible to repair them ONE BY ONE, and as they are old archive for client work I have not taken the time. Every so often I look at that folder of an old dB on my desktop, and think, someday. I don't feel I have the time to try other solutions and work through all the issues--my notes are heavily populated with PDFs so any migration has to do that automatically or it's DOA. I played with Notion, and see the updates, but haven't had time to try the more recent migration options to see if I could really do it. Given that I no longer do multi-device thanks to the iOS issues (for me) and I'm a one-person company, I could downgrade to non-premium, I suppose. However, the real thing that holds me back is the web clipper and ability to route emails into EN. The latter let's me subscribe to all manner of industry stuff I use for my consulting and then organize it in one place, vs. going to email then going to something else. The former is how I get pretty much all other content, aside from occasional PDFs that I cannot directly clip as PDF for some reason. I had a CEO once who said a company should only deliver enough value to customers to prevent them from leaving for the next best option, and keep the rest of the value for the company. This seems very much like that.
  14. I have been working towards getting a memory and SSD upgrade for my laptop; maybe soonish. I hope it helps, but even if not, I want it for other reasons. I'm actually pretty happy with the version I'm running; it's almost as if everyone needs to find their own sweet spot and just stay put, ignore the updates for as long as possible, etc.
  15. Pretty much my identical scenario, except I have 27,000 + notes, and many thousands have PDFs attached. Several open tickets for "not responding" issue with the usual rebuild dB, change settings, etc. Nothing worked. I'm currently using (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) which is the best I've had in a year or more, and I have refused the last several updates, afraid to try them. There are a few bugs in this version but it seems stable and doesn't hang as much as earlier "bad" versions.
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