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Evernote Batch

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I just read about Evernote Batch. It is not a freebie, $19 but sounds like it could be worth it. In the little I read it deletes dupes, changes the background color and other things than may be of interest.

I have not tried it yet. Came out in Nov so a very new product.

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?  A link would help - are we talking about this one? 

Evernote Batch http://www.onenotegem.com/evernote-batch.html

Allows batch editing of notes.

Specifies you must have EN 5.2 - the developer says you need to download and install 5.2 to set up EN Batch,  though subsequent updates will then work.  Not clear what happens if you use the app on the current (5.x) version without that step back,  but from the Evernote side,  stepping back several versions might be bad for your data. 

If so it's not new.  I installed it with 5.2 and have upgraded since and (so far) it still works...


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9 minutes ago, BlackCloud said:

I tried it on 5.9 and it is all messed up. I am now installing 5.2.

That sounds like a warning to stay away from this project.
Same as @gazumped, I would not recommend downgrading your EN revision; bad things can happen.

What were the features in this product that you needed?

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I installed 5.2, then updated to 5.9. Everything looks fine. I need to sort out my view but have to leave. Will update forum later on.

What appealed to me was the removal of duplicates and possibly the changing of the background color. I find the white very intense.

If you want to try this I would create a backup your current database before proceeding with installing 5.2. I didn't do that but all is well.

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There are other ways to handle both the points you mention:

duplicates - why worry about it when they've uploaded?  If they get in your way,  just delete 'em for convenience,  but removing dupes doesn't get you anything special.  You don't get anything back for keeping your Evernote storage neat and tidy...

backgrounds - there are other answers,  like using a template note (or notes) with changed background colors through a bit of crafty HTML or ENML editing.

Stepping your version back several editions to get a better background seems a touch extreme,  and there's no guarantee that ENB will continue to be compatible with your database format.  It would be terrible to find that out only after it shreds your database for the first time.  I'd recommend regular local backups of your database folder while you're testing this out...

We'll be interested to find out what you think!

(I just had the experience -with another app- of updating to the latest version  only to find that the update failed, my previous installation is no longer valid,  and despite frantic teching,  I can't install any version of that software on my device,  not even the one that was there and working a day or so ago...  backups are a really good idea!)

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You need to install 5.2 and then upgrade to 5.9, I don't know why.


I like things neat and tidy and this seems to be an easy way to get there. With 75K+ notes it is easier to have a pgm sort things out. EB can do by name, by name and content and a few other ways according to what I read.

Backups-I do full backups every Friday for all my files and daily for any that have changed during the day. I am a strong proponent of backups and have little sympathy for anyone who doesn't do them and then gets into trouble.

I am not knowledgeable enough, nor do I have the inclination, to figure out how to do things with HTML or ENML, If the product works I will have invested an hour of time and $20(and probably could get that back). It is not worth my time to figure any of this out.

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