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  1. Yes, I am selecting from the left-hand menu. I highlight the folder I want to export. I use the Evernote Export as Enex option and then the Evernote Import option. I don't export tags as I don't use them. You did trigger my little brain. I just tried the export again but highlighted all the notes rather than just the folder and that solved the problem. I have not seen that the specific notes you want to be exported must be highlighted. I had assumed(I know!) that if I highlighted the folder that was all that was needed. In a roundabout way, you solved you solved the problem. Thanks
  2. W10; Evernote (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) I would like to Export a local Folder and then Import on another computer as a local Folder. I have set up a test local folder with 6 notes, I export the folder and the size is 3.3M, from the size I assume it has exported all 6 notes, no error message. I create a new local folder, highlight the folder and do an import. Evernote created a new folder and only imported 1 note. No error messages. I don't mind the new folder but want all my notes. What am I doing wrong???
  3. Thanks, that works but not quite what I am looking for. I'll keep playing around, there might not be any method to do what I would like to do. Essentially, when a keyword is identified in an article several times I would like to jump from one location to the next. This method would work but would be time-consuming, I was hoping for a "jump" option. Evernote has so much potential but needs some fine tuning. One that comes to mind is the ability to find duplicate articles. I haven't seen any easy solution to that yet. Of well, it is what it is. Thanks
  4. I am muddling through and as long as I know it is not me I am OK. Not that many notes. Couple of other questions: Windows: How can I jump within a pdf from one found keyword to the next. I have tried ctrl+F but may not be doing it in the correct location. I click on the note and do the ctrl+F. Can I change the color used for the highlight? Thanks
  5. I collect travel articles and have put them all into Evernote..I put Oklahoma into the search box and Evernote selected articles without the word Oklahoma. No yellow line at all and, on some, where there is a yellow line, no word is highlighted. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I just did a quick look at my Evernote and discovered that my Sync had been turned on. I did not turn it on so I guess some update turned it on (which it shouldn't). I turned it off again. Still don't understand the conflict usage between PC and web. Oh well, when I get back I'll try again.
  7. I can't get back to Evernote for a month or so as we are traveling. I just seem to struggle with Evernote, mainly because the lack of messages and the conflicting info. I don't have sync on so I don't know what could be synced. I like the concept of Evernote, just its implementation and messaging, for a paid product, is poor and I don't see any significant improvement over time.
  8. I just emailed Evernote. I checked my account and it says---- 60 MB (100%) remaining this month Your monthly limit resets in 26 days Monthly uploads: 60 MB Note size limit: 25 MB I am not totally confused................... If I go to Account info on the PC it says I have used up 60M and have 0 days left in cycle(which implies to me I should be starting a new c ycle tomorrow), not so according to my account info on the web. No answer needed, just informational.
  9. I use Evernote intermittently. All my not,notebooks are defined as Local which I understand means they do not sync, just stay on my PC. I just received the message that I have used 75% of my monthly allowance. I am happy for the message but I should not be uploading anything, correct? Just ignore the message?
  10. Didn't think you were. Just explaining my reasoning....................
  11. You need to install 5.2 and then upgrade to 5.9, I don't know why. I like things neat and tidy and this seems to be an easy way to get there. With 75K+ notes it is easier to have a pgm sort things out. EB can do by name, by name and content and a few other ways according to what I read. Backups-I do full backups every Friday for all my files and daily for any that have changed during the day. I am a strong proponent of backups and have little sympathy for anyone who doesn't do them and then gets into trouble. I am not knowledgeable enough, nor do I have the inclination, to figure out how to do things with HTML or ENML, If the product works I will have invested an hour of time and $20(and probably could get that back). It is not worth my time to figure any of this out.
  12. I installed 5.2, then updated to 5.9. Everything looks fine. I need to sort out my view but have to leave. Will update forum later on. What appealed to me was the removal of duplicates and possibly the changing of the background color. I find the white very intense. If you want to try this I would create a backup your current database before proceeding with installing 5.2. I didn't do that but all is well.
  13. The date on it said 11/15/2015 so I assumed it was a new product. I tried it on 5.9 and it is all messed up. I am now installing 5.2. I am a newbie so my data isn't that critical yet.
  14. I just read about Evernote Batch. It is not a freebie, $19 but sounds like it could be worth it. In the little I read it deletes dupes, changes the background color and other things than may be of interest. I have not tried it yet. Came out in Nov so a very new product.
  15. Yes, it searched fine. OK. I'll start working on the pdf problem. Don't understand why I am having a problem, some glitch. Thanks for all your help. I know I have been a pest.........
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