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11 minutes ago, AntoineG said:


I'm having the same problem on iOS, using Evernote 8.3. All my notes are downloaded and available but offline searching doesn't return any result.

Any idea on how to fix this ?

Do you have the notebooks tagged as offline in settings?

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Hmmm, seems to be working for me.

I just switched my phone to Airplane mode and I can still do searches.  I get a banner at the top of the screen which says "Check your internet connection  We can't connect to the server....".  I don't have any notebooks flagged as offline so only recently viewed notes will display in their entirety, but I do get a set of notes in the search results after a second or so lag.  Intitle: works as well.  

Maybe reinstall EN on your phone without any offline notebooks set and see if it works.  Then add them back one at a time?

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Quick follow up on this issue.

After much though I uninstalled and reinstalled EN on my iPhone.
Then waiting a couple hours with the app open to let all my notes be downloaded again.
That resolved the issue : offline search is now working.

Well, on one hand I'm happy because it works for now.
On the other hand I'm tired of reinstalling/redownloading, which I already had to do a dozen times following the 8.0/8.1 botched release.

Fingers crossed for the future and Thanks to everyone that helped !

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