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  1. Quick follow-up. This issue was resolved after deleting EN, reinstalling it, and waiting for all my notes to download again. Offline search now work as expected.
  2. Quick follow up on this issue. After much though I uninstalled and reinstalled EN on my iPhone. Then waiting a couple hours with the app open to let all my notes be downloaded again. That resolved the issue : offline search is now working. Well, on one hand I'm happy because it works for now. On the other hand I'm tired of reinstalling/redownloading, which I already had to do a dozen times following the 8.0/8.1 botched release. Fingers crossed for the future and Thanks to everyone that helped !
  3. Yes, and they are downloaded : I can manually open any note while offline. Search tool can't seem to find anything, even words in the note title.
  4. Hello, I'm having the same problem on iOS, using Evernote 8.3. All my notes are downloaded and available but offline searching doesn't return any result. Any idea on how to fix this ?
  5. Hi, I still have this problem on iOS, using Evernote 8.3, and all my notes are downloaded and available offline. Isn't this supposed tonne fixed ? @annah I cannot see your signature (maybe because I'm browsing on mobile?). Can you give me the link to open a ticket ? Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm using Evernote 8.3 on iOS, Premium user. Offline search never returns any result even though all my notes are synced and available offline. Why is this still not working after several updates ? When will this get fixed ?
  7. Hello, i'm a Premium user and all my notes are available offline. But offline search fail to return anything, always zero search result. I'm using 8.3 on iOS. Any update on this problem ??
  8. Thanks a lot for checking that for me ! On my account the button does nothing. I tried using 3 different browsers, on 3 computers and also on my iPhone. No luck for me.
  9. Could you give it a try to confirm the button does nothing for you ? It's here : https://evernote.com/contact/ Then click "Support Page" in the first paragraph, then fill in any subject and you'll get the Chat link at the bottom of the page.
  10. To me it looks like the button is just not functionning. Shouldn't it open a window and then tells me I'm in a queue ?
  11. Each day that passes I find it's harder to laugh or appreciate Evernote efforts... It's been 10 days since I'm unable to open the app. Support Chat is down for me, EvernoteHelps on Twitter doesn't answer or doesn't follow up, and using Support Ticket it took 3 days to ask me for a log then no news. We don't know if Evernote has found what is causing the crashes, we don't know if the submitted a new update to the AppStore, we are in the dark and I'm really pissed.
  12. Hello, Since EN 8 launch the app is crashing on startup (iPhone 6s). Versions 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 didn't fix the problem. I sent a Support Ticket friday 20th : no answer. I contacted EvernoteHelps via DM : no answer. Now I want to access the Support Chat, but the "Chat Now" button is not functionning = nothing happens when I click. I tried to access the Chat from two desktop computers, using Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Also tried from my iPhone. To sum up : - the Evernote app is broken. - I'm unable to reach any support and specifically Chat Support which is a feature that I pay for. Can you help ?
  13. iPhone 6s : EN 8.0.2 still crashes on launch. It's been a week and that's the third version. ARE YOU SERIOUS. As a long time paying Premium user who relies heavily on EN in my business and personal activities I think this mess is downright insulting. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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