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adding evernote content by scanning NFC-Tag


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what i have in use now:

i have an ifttt button on the homescreen of my Smartphone that can write a line with some text, date and time to an existing note.
that runs perfect.
what is missing?

i want to find a solution for doing that function with scanning an NFC Tag instead of pressing a button!

i looked ad tapmynote, but this Software does not run on my xperia Z3 phone!
i tried to find any ifttt reciept, and i found lots of reciepts for evernote, but there is nothing can be triggered by a nfc tag!

sorry for my lousy english, i hope it is clear what i am looking for ;-)

does anybody have a tipp for me?

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You'd have to look around,  but a quick search in the Google Play store got me about 80 Android apps that do things with NFC tags.  Depending on what type of action you want to trigger,  you'd need to (presumably) both write to a tag and be able to detect it on your phone,  so you might need more hardware to write the tag in the first place.  No information about how effective the various apps are,  but most of them seem to be free so you could try some to see what works.  If you do find some combination that works,  please let us know - no-one else seems to have any suggestions here.

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4 hours ago, gazumped said:

you'd have to look around,  but a quick search in the Google Play store got me about 80 Android apps that do things with NFC tags.

i did already, thats the reason why i ask here!
All NFC Programms i found are able to do various things, but i did not find ONE for doing things with evernote in an easy and stable way!

i use another program do this with barcodes, and this works PERFECT!
so i thougt this would be possible with NCF also!?
i am no programmer or power user, i just look for a easy solution to get an notice to evernote by easy scanning a NFC Tag.

I'm sorry that I bothered you with it here, but maybe i am in the wrong place for such difficult questions ;-)

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Yup - got that one too! ;)

No problem about posting here - if anyone had found an Evernote / NFC link they would probably be here,  although there are LinkedIn,  Facebook and Google+ Evernote pages/ groups to which you might post,  as well as Evernote's Twitter page.  I don't have an incentive to investigate further at the moment,  but I'd imagine that if you can't find an app that interfaces directly with Evernote,  you might be able to find one or more apps that will write and read NFC chips,  and use IFTTT or something similar to translate that app's output into a note.  It's not a hard question,  but it may require some research and a lot of trial and error to make something work.  Apparently,  so far,  no-one has had a strong enough need to do the work for you!  -You don't need to be a special kind of tech,  but you may have to post in a few more forums to get some more detailed suggestions.

I'd certainly be interested in hearing if/ when you get something to work,  or if you find anything of general interest!  Good luck with your quest.  :)

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You don't need to integrate with evernote, you are going too far. Just think small to go big. Integrate with EMAIL; 


And add your evernote email address to it. 

You can also find a ifttt solution to add specific tags or notebooks. 

And you have it all. 




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On 1/25/2016 at 6:45 AM, pbelcl said:


i am searching for a way to ad a specified text to an evernote document, by scanning an NFC Tag.

i looked in this forum, but did not find any usable tipps.

does anybody has some tipps to get this working??

Sorry so late to these posts. I have been using "Trigger" for several years for my go to NFC (and many other) triggers app. Very simple to open a note. Just make that recipe an NFC trigger, then with the link to your Evernote note already copied, just paste it into the "URL" under Applications and shortcuts. Then "learn" your NFC tag. That's it! However while your there making your tag, set it show a "toast" on your screen with what your doing, and even have your phone speak it to you. Trigger is a little limited but is still awesome. Been a fan for many years. I have many recipes that are automatic in daily life. Enjoy!

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Thank you Steve!

I have to ADD the actual date & time AND a specified text to an selected evernote note each time i scan thr NFC Tag.....

I tried Trigger a time ago, but it cant ADD a text to a specified note in evernote!
with trigger it is only possible to OPEN a note and show it ;-(



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