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Refine Your Search, Tag search



I have a lot of tags. I have some tags that have spaces. Typing out tag:"Shawn Smith" tag:"Joe Smith" is a pain on a mobile keyboard. 

How about I use the search button and search a key word. Then click Refine Your Search. Then click Tags. Then click in a search box, enter a few letters and tap the appropriate tag, select the search field, delete few letters and enter other letters to select another tag. Then click filter. 

As it is, clicking the Refine Your Search> Tags, brings up a linear list of thousands of tags that I have to endlessly scroll through looking for the tags I want to use as a filter. 

Am I alone, or is it a pain to refine your search by tags in the Android App?

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Replace your existing tag spaces with underlines

That would be my approach.

As an old programmer, I avoid using spaces in naming such things as tags, notebooks, files etc. It avoids problems like this.

Doing a rename should be easy.  You just go into tag edit mode, and it gets propogated to wherever the tag was used.

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Sorry if I hijacked your point with a long explanation of tag options,  but I was trying to explain how (maybe) to limit or avoid the long linear list issue.  I still don't think your suggestion will save any time,  but it's out there for Evernote to think about...

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Hi.  Sorry but I don't see that your suggested process of search / filter with tags / filter with more tags will get you to a hit more quickly than standard searching and tagging.

There are several techniques for finding relevant tags quickly if you need to do that sort of thing.  Their usefulness depends on the type of information you're classifying,  so you may find that two or more options will have to be combined to deal with your issue.

The processes include -

  • Nested Tags - use <grandparent><parent><child> type setups to herd tags into relevant collections.  Max tags = 100,000 / max child tag depth unknown,  but pretty deep.
  • Special Characters - use non-alpha characters like £$%&#@?! to group small numbers of tags - type "@" to see the full list of options. 
  • Tag prefixes - use abbreviations to cut down the number of tags so that all tags which fall under "home" or "holiday" come out as hom_food / hom_utils or hol_hotel
  • Replace your existing tag spaces with underlines so Joe Smith becomes joe_smith (that also means searching for joe_smith doesn't require the tag: prefix)

You may be overtagging though if the note you have tagged "joe smith" already contains that name - why not just search for "joe smith" directly?



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