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How to change the second email under profile?

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We're a user forum,  so contributions tend to be when someone with the right expertise sees a post that hasn't been answered yet.  That can take a while...  I'd suggest the quickest way to get a reaction is by raising a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.

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I created a ticket, thanks.


The first time I could not, because the reason was the use of Evernote lthat it would take me to the forum again. So I had to report as a bug.

After creating the ticket I received an email to send the logs, why? My question was very simple. Its in the settings of Evernote.

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If you had an email on the weekend that was a robot asking you for standard information.  It's worth responding to the email to point out you need help with your email address - a human will have a look at the reply but if you don't respond you're probably going to wind up in a 'waiting for reply' queue.

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Hey MusicWiz,


The secondary email listed under your primary email address in the Profile section will only appear if you have previously received a Work Chat at that email address, then clicked on the link in the email to view the Work Chat message *and* logged in using the primary Evernote login information. For instance, if I have an Evernote account under amanda@amanda.com but you sent me a Work Chat message to another email address I own (not associated with an Evernote account), I would have the opportunity to log in using my already existing Evernote account to view that message. Here's how that would look:


1. I receive an email at thisismyemail@amanda.com saying someone sent me a Work Chat. I do not have an Evernote account associated with my thisismyemail@amanda.com email address.

2. I open the email, click on the Work Chat link, and am taken to the Evernote login page.

3. I select Sign In, and log in using my amanda@amanda.com email address.

4. The Work Chat is automatically routed to this Evernote account.


Following this scenario, amanda@amanda.com would be listed as my primary email in the Profile section, and thisismyemail@amanda.com would be listed as the secondary email. There isn't a way to modify the secondary email, you can only choose to delete this.


I hope that helps clear things up! Let me know if you have any questions!

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