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Evernote, IOS 9, and iCloud Backup



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Since the IOS 9 upgrades I have not been able to do an iCloud backup due to lack of storage space.  Prior to the upgrade I was, using maybe 400 MB of the 5 GB available.  I only backup settings and pictures.  The only application using any storage of consequence on my phone is EN.


So yesterday, I removed EN from my phone and iCloud backup worked.  I added EN back to my phone without any offline notebooks and iCloud backup still worked though the usage was a little higher.  I then changed a couple of notebooks to offline and after a long sync iCloud backup failed due to lack of storage space.  The EN app is not checked for backup under iCloud settings, indeed no apps are.


So, end of the day, all of the above makes me thing iCloud backup is trying to save my EN data.  I'm assuming it is an IOS 9 issue, from my googling there seem to be other issues with iCloud backup in IOS 9 as well.  I am on the most recent release of IOS and EN. 


Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

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My only solution to date is to turn off offline notebooks.  This lets me get an iCloud backup but obviously I lose the note content on my phone.  I have a ticket with Apple but I haven't heard anything from them.

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