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Next level clipping for popular sites



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Hi.  I just finished ROFLMAO after reading a new Evernote email received about an hour ago.


Apparently we are celebrating "Perfect Clips,  More Control,  Your favourite websites",  since we are now able to get more and better detail from LinkedIn,  NYT Cooking,  Amazon and YouTube.  So I clicked YouTube to test this out (with my current clipper,  since there's no mention I need to get upgraded).  I clicked into a Rick Astley performance.  Which as you may remember,  is not something you want to do unexpectedly,  though I do hold Mr Astley in the highest respect as a consummate performer.  I didn't try that option any further.


Then I tried LinkedIn.  And got sent to the new Evernote guy Chris O'Neill.  I hope Chris is looking to increase his connections,  because I've sent him a request - with a headsup that he might be getting a few more...  I'll let you know if I get a response.


I've not tried the others - I can only assume that someone in the marketing department is leaving,  and thought this would be a good parting gift.


AFAIK we're not missing added functionality for the clipper guys!  There are some 'features' that could do with tidying up,  and I'd really like the Outlook clipper to go back to multiple selections.  But given that you're just entering into a period of concentrating on core issues,  flaunting new bells and whistles is not a good choice!



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I agree with Gaz.  I was just finishing up my comment on the same topic.


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Come on Evernote... Improve your communications!
The new CEO stated "Evernote’s strength is in its core: notes, sync, and search." But Evernote needs to develop better communications when a new feature is released.
For example:
I received an Evernote Team email today.
Subject: New Web Clipper features you need to try
There are no instructions or examples, just a few links to websites. The links take me to my regular sites. So what's the big deal with this latest promotion?
Here is a screen capture of the email.
Why not include some instructions on what I am supposed to do?
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Yup - that's the email I got.  Not a blog post,  or a forum post by a familiar name,  but a random 'no comments possible' email,  presumably to all customers.  The only time I've seen these before,  something had been hacked - what's the story Evernote?  What on earth were you trying to achieve?


PS - John,  I notice you've only got three items on that email - did Evernote cut off the bottom link to YouTube?  Anyone wants to see Rick,  he's here...



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Gaz,  you nailed it.

Someone in the Marketing department must not have paid attention to the new CEO's directions.

Enough already with these new-fangled bells and whistles! Focus...Focus...Focus


The link I included is a couple web captures that I merged together.  I did not intentionally try to ignore Rick.  :)

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Posted · Hidden by gazumped, October 7, 2015 - Spam and spammer (or bot) I think - incoherent and unhelpful responses on threads with a link to a restaurant.
Hidden by gazumped, October 7, 2015 - Spam and spammer (or bot) I think - incoherent and unhelpful responses on threads with a link to a restaurant.

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