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I'd like to suggest a preference setting that allows the user to start new notes in the title rather than the memo body. I like to type a specific title rather than have Evernote take some portion of what I type or paste and make it the title. I always end up clicking on the title to fix it.




Mike N.


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Hi - there is a registry setting for this - if you don't feel comfortable changing the registry,  ENRegEd  is an application developed by experienced Evernote user @spg SCOTT to change some options that don't (yet) have a menu tickbox.  It hasn't been updated recently,  where Evernote has (a lot) so some of these settings may no longer work - use with caution...


Download the latest version (August 2014) here -


Fixes: (amogst other stuff)

Typeahead search freezes
Cursor going to the body of a note first

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Awesome, thanks! I just went into the Registry and updated the one setting rather then use the utility.


For anyone else disgruntled by this "new note" behaviour, the base Registry key is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote


The actual value is a DWORD called: SetNewNoteFocusToTitle


If you set the value to 1 new notes will start in the title.


Thanks again gazumeped!

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+1 I'd like to see this an option too. I also tried the regedit, but each time it just changed itself back to 0 when creating a new note so didn't work for me.


You need to exit the Evernote program completely (right-click Quit in elephant icon in tray), change the registry item, and then restart the client. If you update it while Evernote is running at all, it won't work.

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