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  1. Great find, thank you for sharing! I second the requests for implementing these settings into Evernote's UI.
  2. Version: Latest beta 5.8.15 Tested on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 I have a custom user dictionary with many entries that I use with many programs, including Evernote. If I have a word that is lowercase in my personal dictionary, and enter the word with the first letter uppercase in Evernote, Evernote is flagging that word as incorrectly spelled. This does not seem like intended functionality to me so I'm reporting it as a bug. If it is intended functionality, a setting to make the dictionary case-insensitive would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Version: Latest beta 5.8.15 Tested on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Bug: When copying or cutting text from the title of a note, said text is not actually copied onto the clipboard. Copying text from the body of a note works fine.
  4. I see; yes I am talking about the popup to which gazumped is referring. Dconnet, I guess you are saying this is intended functionality and not a bug? These notifications were not showing for me as of the latest beta with the notification option disabled.
  5. Looks like there was an updated general release. I'll check it out and report back if the bug still exists
  6. I think the title says it all. The option under General -> Show helper notifications is UNCHECKED for me, but I still get "Synchronization Complete" Notifications
  7. Hi, Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the keyboard shortcuts for Web Beta? I can report that ctrl+b, ctrl+i, and ctrl+u work as expected. ctrl+1 starts a new line. Keyboard shortcuts for bulleted/numbered lists would be greatly useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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