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Is it possible versions of BASIC used this product in the enterprise?

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Hi.  Evernote's features don't change a great deal as you go from Free to Plus to Premium and Business - there are some extras,  like Business Card scanning,  which are only available in a paid version.  Plus there are much higher account limits in the paid versions.  If you don't need extra capacity however,  there's no need to pay for it - see here for a listing of features.  https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452

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Please answer the question - Is it possible to use  BASIC version of this product in the enterprise? Or should I buy?

The possible answers are : 

1. Yes., no need to buy.

2. No. Buy the next version.


Please choose one of the answer above. I am looking for an answer. 

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Actually there are some significant changes in features as you upgrade to the paid versions.  Creating Notes from email is just one.

See Comparison of EN Account Types



(This post is not directed at you @JMichael... you just raised a good point   :))

Why someone would want to send all/ most/ many of their emails to Evernote is beyond me. I don't see that as a significant feature. I think the fact that people can do something doesn't mean they should. Rarely do I need to save the contents of an email in Evernote. One doesn't need Evernote to get your email inbox to zero. One can use apps such as DropBox's Mailbox for Mac and mobile or Boomerang for Windows. This will postpone emails of your choice to reappear in your inbox at the time of your choosing. One is just creating unnecessary admin by shifting emails from one place to another. How did we ever get our email inboxes in order and things neatly filed away before the advent of Evernote? If all else fails, what ever happened to copy-paste?  :P


Why some people are up in arms and threatening to drop Evernote because of this feature no longer being a Basic/ free feature is laughable. It may be useful... but it's a sad state if one needs Evernote as an absolute must for managing and/ or storing emails... AND are not willing to fork out a little each month for the mail to Evernote feature plus a bunch of way more useful features and capacities. 


Then there's the fact that you can clip your emails from Gmail to Evernote effortlessly with the Web clipper. No need to mess around with subject line syntax. Gmail is free. Just one possible solution for some



Another possible answer is


3.  Don't know since no clue as to how the enterprise is going to use it




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