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The cursor always skips the title and goes to the note



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Picky,  picky..  OK I agree my Android doesn't have a tab key that I'm aware of,  and the first line doesn't become title - although in my Windows version 5.8.5 if you type the first line of a new note and switch away from it,  the title is automatically added.   (I think that might be due to spg Scott's EnRegEd utility that might have included a registry tweak to that effect - not sure).  However I sit corrected..   :(

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Enhancement Request: I second the request to have the cursor start in the Title field when creating a new note...or offer a Setting to make it so. The way it works now still goofs me up 90% of the time.

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OMG. Here is my beef with Evernote. There are so many EASY PEASY simple little things they could do to make their programs 40 percent more usuable and faster. Its crickets. All I am saying is master the little things the low hanging fruit before deciding to turn a note taking program into a presentation tool and chat client. lol smh

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With the right settings,  the first line of your note becomes the title.  It's the way things work for now.  Shift-Tab (I think) moves the cursor back if you want to specify the title first..


Since this is tagged Android, he probably doesn't have a shift tab to do this. And in settings the only automatic titles that happen in Android are ones created from your calendar that is totally useless for me.


I remember when the first line became the title, but it doesn't anymore in either Windows or Android as far as I can tell. I'd love that. 

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