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Have you ever renewed/upgraded an EN subscription through Google Play?

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Hi. I'm going to renew my subscription for a year. (My free Premium status was for three months and was a gift.) PayPal's been really screwy lately and I don't have a credit card, so am just going to renew via Google Play (GP).

Question though, has anyone ever renewed/upgraded their existing account and had problems, or had to take special steps like applying points (presumably by GP, if that's how it works)? Or is it just a matter of upgrading by going through my Android app, selecting Upgrade to Premium, which then takes me to GP in a window showing me that I have it already installed - checked and it does - then pay for it with my GP Gift Cards? If so, are there any steps I need to take to:

1) Ensure GP doesn't get crossed wires and think it's a new account? And...

2) Will my Premium status immediately be recognized by EN, or does it take a few days while the money changes hands between GP and EN?

Any advice from someone who has previously renewed/upgraded through Google Play, would be greatly appreciated!

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Okay, I'm getting a bit confused now. If you can't purchase a subscription through Google Play then WHY is it even an option? I spoke privately to Nancy about this a few days ago and left off telling her that since PayPal is messing up a lot lately I would renew through Google Play. She said nothing in return so I assumed it was all good. Would someone please explain?

To be very clear, when I go into my Android app and tap "Upgrade to Premiun," it redirects me to Google Play. That kind of suggests you can pay through them, don't you think?

Geez, all I wanna do is buy a one year subscription.

To purchase the Evernote subscription, you will need to use a credit card or debit card. Since its a reoccurring payment we do not accept GP points/credit.

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  • Evernote Staff

In general, the Evernote Android app allows you to purchase a subscription via Google Play if you are running Android 2.2 or higher and have the latest version of the Google Play store installed (vast majority of active devices, according to Google). The exceptions are mostly in countries where Google Play does not support the local currency (like China), or if your Android device doesn't have Google Play store app installed. (Words, it doesn't look like either of these applies to you.)


If you are logged in to your Evernote account from the Android app, there should be no issue with the app recognizing the payment through Google Play. I haven't heard of any time delays in folks upgrading their accounts through Google Play. It should happen instantly, or take a few minutes, max. Remember to sync your app so that the upgrade takes effect. 


However, Google has control over what payment methods they let you use when paying for a recurring subscription through the Google Play App Store. What charboyd is referencing is a restriction by Google Play: see their Support answer for Accepted payment methods, here, in which they state that Google Play balance can't be used to pay for other types of subscriptions other than Music and Newsstand. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't have control over what payment method the App Store lets you use. 


As for the general problem of how to make purchases on the internet when you don't have a credit card - that's a million dollar question that lots of companies are trying to solve. :) If you log in to your Evernote account on evernote.com, you can use a prepaid debit card for our recurring subscription, as long as the prepaid card has a Visa or Mastercard logo. For example, I bought a prepaid Visa debit card at Best Buy, using cash, and am able to use it on our checkout page. You could add a bank account to your Paypal account and pay that way as well.

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Awesome, thank you Nancy! Greatly appreciated. I do have a pre-paid Visa but wasn't sure you would accept that as I seem to recall a user complaining hers had been rejected a few months back.

And yes, we have two PayPal accounts, both with our bank account. *Secret* gift buying for each, lol. But lately they are forever messing up anything with my name on it...kinda like our mail person does. Except for bills, of course. They never seem to lose those...

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