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Android app on Chromebook



The android app on Chromebook does not feature very often in this forum, the android beta test google group is not the place to open a discussion on the chromebook app, so I am told.


Since it was released back in September not much else has happened even though it has issues that need to be addressed so I thought I would submit a support ticket directly to evernote. However not even a reply after 5 days, that is unacceptable for a premium member so if any Evernote employees read this the ticket no. is 931608, can I have a response please.



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Hi.  First,  this is a user support group and we get around to posts as soon as someone's free to do so,  so this response after one day is rather good for us;  second, we're not by any means a direct line to Evernote Support,  which seems to regard the allocation of a ticket number as the required '24-hour' response.  It can take several working days (Support don't 'do' weekends) before you'll get a live response - meantime if you want to give us details of your issue,  someone here might be able to help...

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Point I was making was that after 5 days I had not received any response from support, I think this is unacceptable for a paying customer. Anyway I have now had a response but not a resolution, I don't think there will be one for sometime if any, but that's down to development I suppose.


I had installed the android app on my chromebook, the app was released last September for the chromebook and I was extremely pleased about this. Since then there has been no progress, the app runs in a window that can't be maximised to full screen and you cant open a doc or docx file because the app says there is no app installed to run this, you can however open and annotate pdf and image files so that's useful.


There being nowhere else to raise the issue I raised a support ticket asking if and/or when it would be possible to open a text file and edit is on the chromebook android app just as you can on an android device. When I eventually got a response I was told to send a screenshot as the Evernote support had tried this on a Samsung chromebook and it worked. I sent a screenshot of the message I got about there being no app installed to open the text file, then the reply I got was that no it wont work on a chromebook (even though they had tested it and it worked for them?). The reason I was given that the text file wouldn't open was that you cant install MS office on a chromebook (well yes I know that), so I should open the app in google docs instead. Point is I can't open it in google docs either because the evernote app won't let me.


Anyway I think maybe this will be resolved in time but it looks as though it is not a priority for Evernote, of Google, or whomever.


Most of the time I can use the evernote web app, the new interface for that is IMO much better then the old one, but there are just occasions when I can't get an internet connection so the evernote android app on the chromebook is a useful tool, especially as you can actually save the notebooks for offline viewing, edit them and then sync them next time you are connected, just a shame that you can't open a text file. My workaround is to now create doc files on google drive and create a hyperlink to that file within a note.

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I have had similar issues with my Samsung Series 3 Chromebook (manufactured & purchased end 2014) - I asked support for help (I've been a premium member for almost 8 years), and after three e-mails to check on the status I have received no human reply.  I'm giving up - EN clearly doesn't have anything but disdain and disregard for non OSX/iOS users (as has been made more and more clear to me over the last few years - check out mine and other comments on the plethora of unresolved issues at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-power-user-discontent-best-alternatives-to-en/ )

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