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grayed out stacks....? Why?



Hi I am working on reorganizing my Evernote and I have created some stacks but when I go to put a note in the stacks, some are grayed out. Why is that? I've attached a screenshot. I am using it on a Mac. Thanks for the help! Judy


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I don't think I have maxed out the limit of 250 notebooks but where do I find how many I have? I have synced after a few changes so it should be current. 


There are only two methods I know. 1.) An automatic Evernote warning once you hit 250 or 2.)  Manually count the notebooks (very tedious)

Sorry but I don't know why some of the stacks are greyed. 

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That's strange. I couldn't find a way to find out the total number of Notebooks either. You would think that if there is a limit there would be some way to check. Oh well. I filled out a ticket to support for this issue. Thanks, Judy

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