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  1. I wholly and totally support what you said! I have thousands of tags and in the older versions of Evernote I wasn't able to use the multi-column editor. The issue was that I had too many tags and it just wouldn't open. Very, very, very, very frustrating. I have been a Premium user for many years and left Evernote for a long time and went to another app. I am back to Evernote on a very limited basis.
  2. Oh, how I wish that there was the ability to delete multiple tags!!! I would love to be able to rename them. The HUGE issue I had with the older versions of Evernote was that I have a lot (gynormous!) number of tags and was not able to select Tags in the menu options and edit or delete them. HUGE issue for me. I went to another program because of this but am back to Evernote on a limited basis. The ability to do whatever needs to be done to Tags (renaming, deleting) needs a huge makeover.
  3. I still see this issue occasionally. It seems to be better but at times the CPU is really working hard-too hard in my opinion for what is actually happening. What do you mean by "logging in and out of Google may stop it"? I am not signed into Google when I use Evernote. I am using Chrome these days.
  4. Darn. I am sorry that you had to go through that and it wasn't resolved. I haven't done the delete and reinstall and I won't be doing it. That's great that your internet provider increased your speed which I am sure cut down greatly on the time factor! I guess I am relegated to using the web version for now. I am really hoping an update will fix our issue. Thanks for letting me know that you tried the delete and reinstall. If I learn anything I will report back here!
  5. I know what you mean by how long it takes to get it all back. I have over 18,000 notes so it takes forever! I chatted with Evernote about this issue and I also posted in the forum. I am not sure if we are having the same issue but it looks like it. I posted a couple of screenshots. Here is what I posted in the forum... "Hi-I am running the latest version of High Sierra (10.13.4) and Evernote (7.2). I have seen this issue with tags for awhile now. I have 18,000+ notes. I am a paid user. It used to be that I would start typing in a tag name to rename it and the list would pull
  6. Ha! Well, I do have tags, lots of tags. If I expand the tag list in the sidebar they show up. See screenshot. Well, heck, how did they become invisible?!?! I will think about doing what you suggested although it seems a bit drastic and time consuming. And the fact that it won't include my Local Notebooks or any unsync'd notes doesn't sound good. But something to ponder... Thanks, DTLow!
  7. Here is a screenshot. I have typed in the note that I want to rename up in the search box. Nothing appears after I type it in. If I hit Return it takes me to the note. I don't want to see the note, I want to rename the tag. I see your screenshot. Haven't tried that... Duh. But I was able to do it the other way AND also view all my notes and I can't see them all anymore or I am not doing something right. The 2nd screenshot is when I have nothing in the search box but my all my tags don't come up.
  8. Hi-I am running the latest version of High Sierra (10.13.4) and Evernote (7.2). I have seen this issue with tags for awhile now. I have 18,000+ notes. I am a paid user. It used to be that I would start typing in a tag name to rename it and the list would pull up (*see additional information). Not anymore. It used to be that if I didn't type anything into the tag search box, all my tags would be listed. Not anymore. I used to be able to see all my tags (when selecting Tags in the sidebar) and delete the ones with zero count. Not anymore. *In order to rename a tag I have
  9. Geoffh-Did you reinstall the app? Did it work? I am having the same issue.
  10. DTLow-Yes, it is the Command + v shortcut. And this morning I am happy to report that all is well! It's working like it is supposed to. Not sure why it's suddenly working but maybe I restarted my computer since the issue came up and that made Evernote happy. Thank you so much for your patience and your time. I appreciate that very much. Hope you have a good Sunday! Judy
  11. DTLow-If I am on my desktop Evernote and have a note that I want to use the Copy Note Link into another note, I right click on the note to Copy Note Link then go to the note where I want it pasted and paste it in there. In the past it would paste the note link and it would be green. Now when I paste it in the note where I want it, it's blue and it's simply a link, not green with the words from the title of the first note. I am sure I am confusing everyone but I don't know how else to explain it. 1. Find the note that I want linked in note #2. 2. Right click on note #1 and go
  12. I am running High Sierra and my desktop Evernote is v. 6.13.3.. I use the Copy Note Link all the time and on the desktop that feature doesn't work right anymore. If I use the web version of Evernote it works fine. Here is a screenshot of the correct Copy Note Link in a note (done on the web version of Evernote) and below it is the same Copy Note Link copied into the same note and notice that it is totally different. I'm not sure what's going on but it must be a bug. Anyone else having this issue? I am a Premium user. Judy
  13. I haven't had to do any deleting of the app or anything.... Today it has been behaving! See the 2 screenshots. It still seems to be a memory hog. Thanks for helping everyone! Judy
  14. Thank you for that suggestion. I will try the first option first and then take a deep breath and do option #2 if option #1 doesn't work. It's been a few days since I installed any updates to Evernote and the fan ran at hyper speed all day (when I was in Evernote). Even when I left Evernote it continued. Right now it's quiet. I haven't opened up Evernote yet this morning.
  15. I quit Evernote and restarted it. Here is a screenshot of the Memory usage.
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