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Conflicting Changes.. error message



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If you check down the left pane list of Notebooks on a desktop you should find a 'conflicting changes' folder.  Any notes there will be duplicates of existing notes with slightly different content.  As long as you're sure that you have the correct content for your note you can delete the 'conflicted' note.

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 Does anyone know if I can delete these "conflicting changes error messages from within my notebooks?

 Apple desktop running Mavericks..


I notice that you are running EN Mac.  Which version?


Are you getting a NEW Notebook named "Conflicting Change...", OR, is Evernote appending all of the conflicting changes into one Note?


I have seen the later, and really dislike this approach.  When all of the versions are in the same Note it is harder to identify the Notes with conflicting changes.

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  Thank you for the replies.

  I have the latest version of Evernote and from what I see in the sidebar there are no folders where these "conflicting changes" are placed in.


  As you can see from the image, the conflicting changes show "0".

  I'm guessing by this that these notes are no longer attached to the conflicts and if so how do I rid of these messages still?





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    csihilling, quite possibly but as you see in the image the conflicting changes show 0 and I no longer see those notes.

    When I click on the note there's a small computer icon with the word "local" next to it. I'm certain it's referring to the desktop



    Am I to guess that these changes could be located somewhere else on my computer?

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I really can't say. If the conflicts have been moved to another notebook they most likely will appear in a future search and you can deal with them then. If you already deleted them, no problem. If you want to look for them go to list view and sort by note title.

In any case if there are no notes in the conflict folders you can delete them.

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