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We are an Evernote Business user. Today we have logged in we are only able to access our personal notebooks. Our log in status appears to be applicable only to the free version of EN.

I am running my business in the UK and China using Evernote so now everything has stopped because we cannot access the data.

We have tried Evernote Windows, Evernote Mac and Evernote Web, all the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?




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Has your EN Business account recently renewed?  This could be a payment issue.  If you go to the support page https://evernote.com/contact/support/ and raise a support request using "payment issue" in the first drop down box it should get to CS as a priority request.  When you receive the ticket number for that request (a matter of a few minutes) please post it back here and we can flag the request to a Forum Admin for urgent attention.


Evernote work weekdays,  PST and its heavily the holiday season,  but I'm sure they'll try to resolve this for you as quickly as possible..

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##- Please type your reply above this line -##



**This is an Automated Message to confirm that we have received your inquiry.**

Thank you for contacting Evernote Support.

We respond to all account, technical, billing and Evernote Market issues in the order received. All other inquiries may experience longer response times.

Need help right away? Find answers in the following resources:
[Evernote User Forum](https://discussion.evernote.com/)
[Evernote Knowledge Base](https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/product/evernote)
[Learn the basics of Evernote](http://evernote.com/introduction/)
[Read the detailed guide to Evernote for your device.](https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/)

Evernote is open Monday through Friday.

As a business user I should see all my business notebooks but they have disappeared. We have four users, two in UK and two in China and we are unable to access our business data.

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Evernote Corporation, 305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA, 94063, USA



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Replied above as suggested thanks.

The strange thing is my account is paid each month by credit card and I have not received any notification os a problem with payment. In essence my whole account has disappeared!! Very disturbing.

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Thanks for that,  but it's the ticket #number that's important here - post that,  and the Forum admins can follow it up with CS.  I'll flag this thread anyway - by the time the flag gets looked at you'll probably have added the number.  Hope it gets resolved for you quickly..

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I feel completely frustrated about this. I changed from Basecamp to Evernote because I thought I could always access my project files even without internet access but it seems I was wrong.

I am in the middle of pre-Christmas mayhem and  none of my team can access our data.


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Hi Paul,


I can't imagine the predicament you're in. Not nice at all. While normally posting a ticket number here in the forums gets things expedited real quick, it does seem to be the most inopportune time for things to go wrong on your end, since the forums might not be a priority for Evernote staff so close to Christmas. That doesn't excuse the urgently needed customer support... and redirecting customers to the Evernote forum in lieu of direct contact with Evernote staff is kind of a catch-22 thing at this point in time. Normally the volunteer forum members can help to troubleshoot with most problems... but this one requires attention directly from Evernote. @Gazumped flagged your post with the ticket number... and I'm surprised there has been no response until now. That's not usually the case. 


One thing I can tell you is that customers are possibly experiencing the longest wait times for support ever. This is directly due to some hasty upgrades to a number of platforms, mainly the latest Mac release and Penultimate - both the UI and the sheer number of bugs having a field day. I shudder to imagine the workload that the CS guys are having to shoulder right now. We all could have waited a tad bit longer for some new features to be brought on board after having thoroughly being tested. I doubt Evernote would want a repeat of this saga - so I'm holding thumbs for more stable releases from here on out. They simply can't afford the backlash and negative publicity again and again. So I think they're going to get this right the next time 'round.


As disconcerting and frustrating as this must be right now for you, I would hope that Evernote's CS scenario will boil down to a simmer in the coming weeks and months. 


Have you tried the Web client? 

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I really appreciate you response, at least someone is listening.

Sorry but I can have no sympathy for Evernote right now. the first rule of business is to take care of your existing customers and they are clearly not doing this.

My team in China keep working during Christmas but without the data they need our business is at a complete standstill.

Because someone has deactivated my account I cannot access any data even via Evernote Web

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You're absolutely right Paul. To add insult to injury, it seems the forum has been winding down during the holiday season. Also, I'm not saying that this is the right way to go about things... but if you get a substantial enough dialogue going here, depending on the number and frequency of posts, the topic becomes a "Hot" topic, which becomes more visible. I doubt more visible than a thread being flagged....  oh, wait... and with that, I've just spotted @Charboyd on this thread. I think she's some to save the day ;-)

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