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  1. Hi Tiddly that sounds like a good idea but how does CloudHQ manage any files which might be embedded in the notes? Are they left behind?
  2. I would have chosen Google Apps but my business is in China and the Chinese government keep blocking anything related to Google. Fact of life I'm afraid.
  3. Sorry to hear you are having these issues, I empathise with you. I have used EN Business for years and unfortunately the volume of niggles never reduces, its just different niggles. Last week I unlinked myself from about 30 notebooks to try and clean up my desktop. Immediately afterwards my sync failed. I contacted support and sent the obligatory activity log. I was told there was a bug and EN would have to correct it. This was the response: Thank you for your patience and working with me on this. I have gathered enough details to determine that this appears to be a bug. I am going to pass this along to my product team to further investigate. In the meantime, I will need to wait for the quality assurance lead to finish testing and then assign it a priority. Based on their priority they will implement a fix. Due to the nature and way software changes and processes are implemented it may take sometime to implement a fix. I do understand how this can be frustrating and I am hopeful that a fix will be ready shortly. I also recommend following the discussions in our user forums (https://discussion.evernote.com) for the most up-to-date info on when fixes are released. Finally, it is advised to download our latest updates when they become available, so you don't miss out on any of our latest features and bug fixes. Again, thank you very much for helping to bring this issue to our attention, I hope that we can get this resolved quickly and let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you for your feedback and being a valued Evernote user After almost one week being unable to sync EN with my colleagues I rejoined all the notebooks and did a database rebuild and it worked. The point is, I cannot keep experiencing these issues which effectively destroy data communication within my business. I think Evernote are trying to be all things to all men (and woman) and the task is far too great. I give up.......
  4. Thanks for the advice, I will give this some consideration. Actually I moved to Evernote because I believed I could access my business notebooks in all eventualities given that I was using a desktop application however it seems that once the business account is deactivated access to business notebooks is also deactivated. The reason for the deactivation is: 1. My credit card lodged on the system went past the valid to date. 2. The email address on the system for invoicing notifications was not a valid address hence I never received any notifications of the impending doom. My suggestion for Evernote would be to override any invalid email address for invoicing with the account administrator's email address. At least the person responsible for maintaining the Evernote service within an organisation would receive prior notification of any service withdrawal.
  5. The latest info is I have reactiviated the account and I can now see all my business notebooks on the web but I am unable to see them using Windows client. I can actually see the business library and when I go to this it tells all notebooks are published and joined. The only way I have get them to my windows client is to leave each notebooks and then join again. There are almost 500 notebooks. Support are now trying to find out why this is happening. Regarding the reason for deactivation, as yet I have not pushed this, preferring to get everything back online first. Once this has been done I will be seeking a written explanation and will post it here.
  6. I have been using Evernote Business for two years. I operate in two countries namely UK and China. All of my business projects and team collaborations are centered within Evernote. Previously I used Basecamp but felt vulnerable because there was no Windows software, being purely cloud based. when Evernote Business came along I believed the fact that it was multi platform meant that I would always be able to access my projects...think again. Yesterday morning I received a call from my China team at 5am UK time complaining they could not access any of the company data.When I logged in I found the same problem. After investigation it appeared that our business account had been deactivated and therefore all business data was unobtainable. I am the administrator and the only person who could deactivate the account and I have definitely not done this. We are now a business with free personal account status therefore we have no access to support chat and must rely upon creating a ticket and waiting for an email reply. If you are a business professional reading this can you imagine trying to keep your business moving without access to any of the data created during the last two years? Evernote Business is supposed to be a system for team collaboration and I have insisted all my team use it to the maximum. What a mistake!! ASK YOURSELF CAN YOU AFFORD TO LOSE CONTACT WITH YOUR BUSINESS DATA
  7. I am the company owner, I created the account in the UK and I am the author of all the business notebooks.
  8. First of all many thanks for offering assistance with this. I run my entire business using Evernote and the web clipper problem is quite an inconvenience. Now let me reply to each of your questions below: 1) Business notebooks can sometimes take a bit longer to load than personal notebooks. If you wait for 5-10 seconds do they still not show up in the notebook list? Answer: Regardless of time business notebooks do not appear in the list. 2) Can you verify that you have Write permissions to the Business notebooks that appear missing? If you can create notes inside a desktop client then you should be able to file to them form the Clipper. Answer: I have write permissions 3) Is all Business notebooks not appearing or is it a few? Answer: No business notebooks appear at any time. 4) Were the missing Business notebooks created by you or were they shared to you? Answer: I created all the business notebooks then shared them with my colleague in China
  9. When I select the web clipper icon I can select the appropriate Evernote notebook to send it to. However only personal notebooks are offered. I am using Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m
  10. It is a little frustrating that Evernote Windows Chrome Clipper does not work with Business Notes. Does anyone know when this will be rectified? Thanks Paul
  11. Thanks Grumpy, I can see we are singing from the same hymn sheet. With regard to sharing notes rather than notebooks, I often email notes to people but of course this will not give them access. How do I offer the access without sharing the notebook? Thanks Paul
  12. Here is a discussion I have had with support: Jon H Hi Paul, When it comes to organization with Evernote, I have seen several organizations successful with using a combination of tagging and notebooks. The idea that you can organize and sort notes within a particular notebook with the use of tags. I have seen some users that have high numbers of notebooks and typically what I will find is that they have a very low number of notes within those notebooks. There are definitely exceptions that I come across, but for most, they are trying to replicate a folder structure that they have on their computer that they are organizing their notes so they can find the notes themselves. One difference is that with Evernote, the real key is our search capabilities and the ability to find your notes when you search. This means that you can have less notebooks, but still find your content just as quickly. I did notice that your email address is in the UK. One thing we can also do is connect your to the Success Advocate that is in our Zurich office that can help you go think through some of these concepts. Also this would allow you to have responses within a more similar timezone as well. As to the business notebooks, I would combine notes into less notebooks and then leave the notebooks that are empty. Once you are ready to archive some of these notebooks to the business home, share the notebook to the business. This is done by right clicking on the notebook and clicking the Share option. Once the notebook is shared to the business. You can then leave the notebook and be able to regain access to it by going to the business home area and clicking the join button. You will first need to clear the error of too many notebooks before you will be able to share notebooks to the business home area and see them sync correctly. Let me know if you have any questions. Hi Jon Your assessment of the situation is accurate and sensible and for the time being I am leaving notebooks which are closed projects in order to create new notebooks. As for the use of tags, again I can see this would be a way of organising notes but it would cause massive confusion for my colleagues in China as well as customers and suppliers. At the moment we have a notebook for each project. It is not uncommon to have 20 or 30 notes for each project. Anyone invited to join the project can see the information at a glance. Imagine if we had one notebook relating to one customer, then used tags to define the specific order. If someone is in my office I can easily explain to them the structure, but if they are a customer or supplier, or a Chinese colleague it is almost impossible. People want to see information displayed in a logical manner not to view a myriad of data then use search to define. If I was just using EN for personal data storage and recall I would not have a problem, but I am using Evernote Business, and I think the people at Evernote really need to consider EN from a business users perspective. Kind regards Paul Elias
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