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Evernote Android App Safe?

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This is worrisome. I wonder if the ability to read text messages could also include the ability to read text in the cellular Evernote Android app. Until the dust settles and the issue becomes more clear, I am deleting my Evernote Android app. It looks like Apple might be safe.


Huge security flaw in mobile phone networks that could let hackers listen in on voice calls and read text messages revealed... even when cellular networks are using the most advanced encryption now available. OUCH!


“It would strike me as a perfect spying capability, to record and decrypt pretty much any network… Any network we have tested, it works.”


Those tests have included more than 20 networks worldwide, including T-Mobile in the United States. The other major U.S. carriers have not been tested, though Nohl and Engel said it’s likely at least some of them have similar vulnerabilities. 


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Unless this flaw allows unauthorised access to online resources,  it seems the worst that could happen would be an insecurity of edited or created notes at the time they're being synced back to Evernote.  Since those notes are principally travel and event related in my case,  I don't think I'm in much worse condition than before - the GPS locator on my phone is a far more precise and current locator of my whereabouts should anyone wish to snoop. 


I note however that the article mentions the possibility of "recording traffic for later decryption" - which is surely the same risk as any wireless device,  and less than the risk that someone social engineer your user name and password out of you and shadow your unencrypted activities.


I use my phone for pictures of items that are too bulky for the scanner,  or of documents or situations when I'm away from my desk,  plus the aforementioned navigational aspects.  I'll bear the possible vulnerability in mind - and I might be more careful in voice calls and texts too - but nothing to see here yet..

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