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Will you roll back to Penultimate version 5


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Yes, and how about you make it so that the $80 stylus I purchased actually WORKS with the product it was designed to work with.  Currently it's like I'm writing with a piece of spaghetti.


Also agree with the above - turn page - not scroll - stupid design. 

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Isaac, why am I skeptical? Your first attempt to address some of the "main issues people were having" didn't even really do a good job of fixing the problems your own vision of Penultimate was having much less really address the functionality losses Evernote apparently perceived as improvements in the program. If anything it only reinforced my perception of the disconnect and lack of understanding you had about how your app was being utilized.

I guess I am still following the forum because I still wanted to hold onto some glimmer of hope that Evernote might actually recreate the great tool it had. Who am I fooling? I should probably just unsubscribe and stop the pain. Notability seems to serve my needs and by making an automatic PDF backup I don't have to worry about the future whim of any company reformatting my drawing line weights and notebook page formats without my permission or any notice.

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Will this company please respond?

This is not a bunch of kids using this product to make refrigerator art.

I use this for medical communication, orders, prescriptions, hospice notes.

Without my knowledge or agreement this product has become worthless to me. I cannot export any pages to my email or efax service.

If this were a fax machine in my office a service tech would have arrived to fix or replace the fax within hours.

This company has many dedicated users who, like myself, have found tremendous functionality in this simple app. The trust in the company is eroding by the hour. Do you read these posts? Are you out there? Perhaps you could release the old version under a new name, like "The Ultimate Pen". Please let us know, we are going away soon. . .

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I stupidly updated my original Penultimate ... the new version is *****.

I have created 102 notebooks since the original app was available and ... needless to say, it was GREAT.

I now cannot use these notebooks, nor manipulate my work in any meaningful way.

Why would Evernote mess with something that worked extremely well, and that didn't need any fixing?

To be clear, just in case the idiots who are responsible for the changes are listening, the key faults are:

- older notebooks are 90 degrees rotated

- page turnings have been replaced by scroll : totally unnecessary

- photo inserts can't be varied in size

- pen scribing is often out of sinc and can be several cm away from point of contact

- icons have been changed needlessly

- thumbnail notebooks have lost their original notebook appeal

- scrolling across pages is now linear & a waste of time, compared with the previous storyboard approach

- using highlights, when under magnification, goes berserk ...

These are the key issues I've noticed without trying the use this updated piece of ***** ..

I'm sure there are others that would be self-evident if I could manage my anguish, frustration and anger.

At this stage, basic customer service would suggest a response and prompt return to 'what was'.

I will. Be pleasantly surprised if there's even an acknowledgement by you folk.

I am referring to 5 years of work as a design consultant ...

How dare you mess with my work in this way.

In a word ... I'm totally PISSED.


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