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  1. Loved Penultimate.such a unique useful product. Each of your updates reinforces how much you really don't understand or don't care about how you messed it up. I've switched to Notability which you seem to be creating an inferior version of. Why would I want to use this bad version? Just to backup to Evernote I guess? I wish you the best and hope this is at least achieving your goals since it has ruined the work styles of so many of your users.
  2. Ryan, Thanks for the info but I don't ever get an "open with" option the app just closes after a while. nothing happens. Any more hints?
  3. Scott, Any idea how i can make a pdf copy of a notebook in the V6? Thanks for all your attempts to help the Penultimate crowd thru the chaos.
  4. Have you actually tried to export the whole notebook to pdf? I can't seem to make that work either. As far as your problem. It would be a pain but if you could you would be able to cut it down to only what you want I guess
  5. The pdf export function does not seem to be working properly on my tablet. I press my finger on a notebook, go up to the share icon, select "export to PDF", a little icon appears saying "Export to pdf" and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong or is this another bug in teh new Penultimate?
  6. Isaac, why am I skeptical? Your first attempt to address some of the "main issues people were having" didn't even really do a good job of fixing the problems your own vision of Penultimate was having much less really address the functionality losses Evernote apparently perceived as improvements in the program. If anything it only reinforced my perception of the disconnect and lack of understanding you had about how your app was being utilized. I guess I am still following the forum because I still wanted to hold onto some glimmer of hope that Evernote might actually recreate the great tool it had. Who am I fooling? I should probably just unsubscribe and stop the pain. Notability seems to serve my needs and by making an automatic PDF backup I don't have to worry about the future whim of any company reformatting my drawing line weights and notebook page formats without my permission or any notice.
  7. When I am sketching and writing the editing process really benefits from being able to clip and move things on the page. Note Shelf and Notes Plus do not have tools that make this easily accomplished. Full page zoom is also critical to working in this fashion. I am settling on Notability because it has the most powerful editing tools of any of the possibilities I have seen for my day to day work. If I need to do a more artistic sketch I will open up something like "Sketches" or Bamboo to create that drawing and then cut and paste it into my Notebook. My notebooks will be automatically backed up in PDF to Dropbox instead of to Evernote but since Evernote has opened my eyes to the fact that I really should not trust my work to anyone's proprietary formats I think this is a better option anyway. I still can't believe they changed all the line weights in my original sketchbook as part of their "upgrade".
  8. I haven't seen anyone complain about the writing on the tablet is slightly above where I actually place my stylus or finger. It actually sort of makes sense with my finger but is aggravating with my notier stylus. Is this a setting I can turn off or is it something wrong with my tablet? It doesn't happen in any other writing programs.
  9. Switching to "Notability". Automatically backs up a pdf to my Dropbox. I also made a beautiful drawing in "Sketches" yesterday and cut/pasted it into a Notability note very easily. It may take two programs to get all of the features I enjoyed in Penultimate. Some of my final product may actually improve thanks to this loss? The ability to lasso and then enlarge/shrink in Notability is awesome. Always wished Penultimate would add something like that.
  10. The corporate silence has spoken volumes to me. Even if they make some improvements now would you really trust them with your data and understanding of the needs of the people who liked Penultimate features again? Fool me once . . . . Switching to "Notability". Automatically backs up a pdf to my Dropbox. Also made a beautiful drawing in "Sketches" yesterday and cut/pasted it into a Notability note. Some of my product may actually improve thanks to this loss. Will probably set up folders and move my whole Evernote trove of information over. I was synced and did not lose any data but a company that is so incompetent or insensitive to the loss of it's customers data is not where I want to place my trust.
  11. Tippis pretty much nailed it all down for you. I'm an Architect who used this app constantly to sketch and store ideas and details for my staff. All of the new format changes make this app unusable for my purposes. It seems like a bad version of Notability now. I'm sad to have to move on to a different app that will serve my needs. Will probably explore the option of just moving everything over to Dropbox. Definitely won't need my premium account.
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