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  1. If you turn off horizontal scrolling, you will get landscape view without the borders.
  2. I'm enjoying the app again, I think. For my simple purposes (rough sketches of cabinet jobs) it's working pretty well. I am enjoying the reader view, and landscape orientation. I'm using horizontal scroll, which gives me the borders, but I think I like that better than verical scroll. I feel like it's easier to access the scroll buttons, that way. I think you need another button to switch from drawing mode to reader. Since you have one going from reader to drawing, it seems counter-intuitive to use the back button to go the other way. Possibly an "eyeglasses" button in the same location as the "pen" button? Is there a "save" button anywhere? Are there any plans to add a text input keyboard for those of us with horrible printing skills?
  3. I just DL'd the update. I haven't used Penultimate since the disasterous launch of 6. I still don't get proper orientation of my old docs. If I did them in landscape (and that's how I did most of them) I can't view them that way. (Not quite true. Some are OK, others aren't. But at least, new ones seem to stay that way.) I don't like not being able to name the notebook right up front. This is a GUI thing: on the "notebook" page I scroll through the books with one finger. IN a notebook, I have to use two fingers, or I draw a line. Kind of counter-intuitive. It's better, but it's still not fixed.
  4. Landscape? Turn pages, not scroll? Otherwise, don't bother.
  5. Notebooks with names are back. Good. Writing seems to be better for a few. Also good. But as long as it doesn't turn pages, and won't go to landscape, it's useless to me. Nice try, but, FAIL.
  6. If you haven't synced your iPad with iTunes, you may be able to get the old one back. Delete the garbage version from your iPad. MAKE SURE THAT ITUNES IS NOT SET TO SYNC AUTOMATICALLY Plug in the iPad, selectit in iTunes, and go to Apps. If your old Penultimate icon is there, you're golden. Just click on the Install button, and click on Apply (or whatever it says at the bottom.) The old app will install. Log into your Evernote account, and your notes will synced. YMMV, but this worked for me. EDIT: Well, this sucks. Somehow, the reinstallation has morphed back to the new, worthless version. Notability, here I come...
  7. I find it truly amazing that, considering the reviews in this forum, and the one-star ratings in the appstore (one star, only because you can't choose no stars), that the app is still available for download. It should have been pulled immediately, before even more damage was done to their reputation.
  8. Add me to the unhappy list. How can it be considered better organization, when I can't tell which notebook I'm looking at? I use it for quick sketches, dimensions, and notes when visiting prospective clients. I might have 20 or 30 active notebooks. I should remember them by the first page? And the pages are rotated. Not like I drew them. I like turning pages, not scrolling. Bad Evernote. No donut.
  9. My apologies. I just realized that I had left out that info. I am referring to the new version of Penultimate, just released. I am using it on an iPad, OS 8.1.
  10. It sucks. Pages are rotated 90 degrees. I don't like scrolling; I would rather turn pages. AND WHERE ARE THE COVERS WITH NAMES? (Shout deliberate.) I have dozens of notebooks from client visits. How do I know which is which? I want my old version back.
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