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  1. I 100% agree with this. There is a 'gap' between the end of the stylus, and where the 'ink' appears. I'm using the Jot Script (Evernote Edition) and right now it's no better (maybe worse) then a cheap $2 drug store stylus. Evernote - please fix this crappy application, and get the $80 stylus to properly work in the application that it was (supposedly) designed for. Stop trying to sell us socks, water bottles, and messenger bags, and fix the applications that we all have come to love and rely on. Please.
  2. I also am a left-handed writer, and find the EXACT same problems as Adrian. This new version basically screws up anything that a left-handed writer does. I also use the Jot Script ($80), and it's 100% useless with Penultimate. There is such a terrible delay, and the ink sizes don't scale correctly. There is also a 'gap' between the end of the pen, and the "ink" on the screen, so it looks like I'm writing to the left of where I actually want to write. Take a look at Good Notes, they seem to get it.
  3. Yes, and how about you make it so that the $80 stylus I purchased actually WORKS with the product it was designed to work with. Currently it's like I'm writing with a piece of spaghetti. Also agree with the above - turn page - not scroll - stupid design.
  4. Holy Cow!! v6.0.x sucks!! I have no idea why you would change a working application to a crappy one. The Jot Script is useless with this version. Brand new battery, and the point and "ink" are way off. I try to write simple words, and it looks like just wavy lines. Does not pick up my writing style at ALL. Oh, and it seems you don't take into very much consideration for us left handers, as the hand positioning still bites. Please fix this, or give me my money back, as my $80 Jot Script is basically a paper weight with this version of Penultimate. Good Notes here I come......
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