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  1. At iTunes, you start Penultimate description with: The best digital handwriting on iPad This is clearly a lie, and you know it! your current average rating since upgrade to 6.0 is 1.5 stars. There are more than a dozen of handwriting tools with at least 3 stars. So go to iTunes and change it!!! At https://evernote.com/penultimate/ you write: Penultimate is the award-winning digital handwriting app for iPad Again, this is a BIG LIE since with the current version you couldn't win a kindergarten award! Please either through to the garbage Penultimate 6 or CHANGE the descriptions. You are lying to people and this is not fare and should be prosecuted.
  2. Since 90% of the users are asking you to roll back to version 5, I think you should give a formal answer. Nevertheless you deserve all your success to our bet on your products. Please answer!
  3. Penultimate 6.0 was 10 steps back from a perfect App (Penultimate 5). It made it one of the worst if not THE worst note taking App. 6.01 is a slight update of 6.0 it brings the App nowhere. Sorry but I don't get it. I will be checking every couple of weeks to see where you are going, but right now, you have one user less.
  4. And did you had one single Beta Tester happy? Please, review your Usability and Beta Test teams!!!! What a HUGE mistake. The biggest App mistake in history.
  5. I can only subscribe general opinion. This is a HUGE Step Back, a HUGE error. It looks like Evernote wants people to abandon Penultimate in order to focus on its Evernote main business. It has no other explanation. I can't believe one single user could be happier than before with this new version. Is there any user happy with the update?
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