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EVERNOTE syncing with SWIPES app


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I am new to this forum so i hope i am not starting a duplicate thread. I have looked for an answer to this problem but nothing so far.


I have recently seen and read all the "good things" about the swipes app that supposedly automatically syncs with evernote.


I have to say, that i am not having a good start with this. It NEVER syncs smoothly.


I use the desktop version of EVERNOTE,and i sync to my ipad and iphone with no problems.


I always make sure that i sync the desktop version before i open the swipes app to see if they are there.


It NEVER works correctly first time. It doesn't even sync properly with the web version of Swipes.


Does anybody else experience this frustrating problem?


Are there any answers to this?


I did get in touch with swipes support but there answer was confusing. 


Many Thanks

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Kasper Pihl Tornøe (Swipes)

Oct 09 22:04


Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing! We've found a bug in the Evernote Mac App, that if you assign a tag without other changes it doesn't get registered as a change. Evernote is working on fixing this. Until then a quick fix is just to add a "." in the bottom of the note when you're assigning the "swipes"-tag.

A fix will be out as soon as possible. :-) If this is not the problem, please explain so we can get to the bottom of this.

All the best,

Kasper, CEO @ Swipes

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OK that seems to translate to

  1. It's broke and they're fixing it
  2. Meantime,  when adding the Swipes tag to a note,  make a small change -like adding a random fullstop "." to your note - then sync
  3. If the small change thing doesn't work,  please explain what's happening and they'll look into it...

Have you tried any of that?

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Hi @gazumped & @LPN,

Yesterday we released a new update (version 2.2.4) with tons of fixes to the EN integration! It's very smooth and stable. I hope you'll enjoy it a lot. 

Keep us posted on your experience. We now have in-app chat, where you can contact our Support team directly. It is available under Settings>Contact us>New message  :)

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Hi @gazumped & @LPN,

Yesterday we released a new update (version 2.2.4) with tons of fixes to the EN integration! It's very smooth and stable. I hope you'll enjoy it a lot.


Keep us posted on your experience. We now have in-app chat  :)

I installed swipes and Evernote on my iPhone and is was syncing initially, but now it doesn't It intermitenly did somehow sync when I was on the road, but nothing seems to work now. I add check boxes and swipes as a tag but on the iPhone swipes app is does not show the new checked notes. 

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I have the Swipes Android App.  EN tasks sync without any problems over to Swipes and if I subsequently check off a checkbox in EN it instantly shows up in my Swipes app.  But, if I check off a box in Swipes it not only does not appear in EN but it will re-set itself in Swipes after a few seconds and the check mark will disappear.  What is the solution?

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I am experiencing similar problem with Swipes. At first, Swipes only synced 101 of my 300 Evernotes tasks category notes. This is even after

1) I added the "Swipes" tag to 300 Evernotes,

2) I added the checkmark to the 300 notes as well (after which it only synced 150 or so),

3) I then added a letter "T" after the checkmarks thinking a text may be necessary.

4) I then logged out and logged back in.

5) Now it only syncs 101 notes.

6) I tried to import the Evernotes other ways (Contrary to their website, no Open Importer function exists on the web or on the iPhone as discussed in their FAQ).  

I wasted a whole day trying to work with this app. IMO, Swipes appears to be full of bugs.

I contacted their Support, but have not received any reply yet.



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Hi there


The last post here is rather old, but I experience all the same problems.

No automatic synchronization

No synchronization with tag "swipes"

No synchronization of fullfiled tasks (clicked on Swipes)

On Ipad an Web I have 104 synchronized Tasks

On Iphone there are only 79

No change to contact support (Support button does not work or "you have no converstations" - I know, as I can't get in contact!!!)

I do not understand, how Swipes became a preferred App from Evernote.


Any recommendations?




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