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  1. I certainly hope this is the case. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Here's hoping for the requisite improvement.
  2. Anyone know if the new Note20 Ultra addesses this lag issue? Apparently it's much faster than older S Pen models.
  3. This topic can be closed. IQTELL is in the clear with solid VC support for at least 2 years... Thanks everyone for your comments.
  4. Troy, I think you are on to something here. I totally agree with your comment about IQTELL not being complex as much as it's infinitely customizable. Our need for simple straightforward tools that come ready to go, out of the box, with little to no learning curve is really at the core of the issue. Perhaps the staff that Ran needs most are not programmers at all, but marketers and business development experts. The sad reality is that no matter how great IQTELL is, it needs to rebrand itself as the one-stop shop "productivity tool." It is still seen by too many people as the tool that requires too much setup and tweaking to make it perfect. I've been using IQTELL for almost a year and I'm still a novice at most of it's features. And we all know that the average user won't give an app or tool more than a few hours of tweaking before their moving on... So, why am I still using it, because (yep, you guessed it) it's still the best tool out their for email processing, EN integration and GTD workflow. Even the training videos are too numerous. Maybe EN is not the best partner, but they should definitely be a collaborator and promoter. And maybe even help bring some interested other EN supporters into the mix to fill in the gaps that IQTELL is in need of. The more I read these posts and those on the IQTELL forum, the more I am convinced that something good is going to come out of this and that September 16th will come and go and IQTELL (or whatever it will be called), will still be alive. That doesn't mean we can rest easy. There is still a lot of work to be done. What would be helpful to me would be to hear regular updates from Ran and a clear call to action on what they need and how we can all help.
  5. This is a fair (and probably accurate) point. But really, isn't everyone in this situation in the beginning stages of creating a productivity tool. IQTELL's biggest flaw is it's complexity. Evernote's biggest draw is its simplicity. Merge the two - problem solved. IQTELL could certainly benefit from a decreased learning curve and Evernote users will benefit from the bevy of integration services (EN, email, calendar, GTD workflow...) that IQTELL provides. No need to respond, Metrodon. Neither of us is sitting in the decision chair, anyway.
  6. I have the Swipes Android App. EN tasks sync without any problems over to Swipes and if I subsequently check off a checkbox in EN it instantly shows up in my Swipes app. But, if I check off a box in Swipes it not only does not appear in EN but it will re-set itself in Swipes after a few seconds and the check mark will disappear. What is the solution?
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